JOHNHANCOCK Smart Flask has been popularized on the Internet

Drinking water can lose weight, is it true? Since JOHNHANCOCK Smart Flask popularized on the Internet, the new idea that drinking water can lose weight has been all the rage. It turns the table by using the word-of-mouth. Once a posting written by an Australian came to the front. The posting, which is targeted at the principle that JOHNHANCOCK Smart Flask can lose weight, was written by searching numerous literature. It shows its scientific basis and attracts people’s attention.

You can see the sentence at the bottom of it “You will lose 10 kilograms by drinking four glasses of water per day.” What is the scientific basis for the words at the bottom of the JOHNHANCOCK Smart Flask? Recently, a posting illustrating the principle of losing weight provoked a big dispute. 

Firstly, the writer made a large amount of literature research. Then he found that the academic research about drinking water can lose weight can be dated back to 15 years ago. And German is the first country to offer the idea. It is reported that The National Library of Medicine and USA National Institutes of Health once published an academic paper. According to the experiments by scientists in Humboldt University of Berlin, drinking 500 ml of water increased the metabolic rate by 30%;  drinking 2 liters of water per day would augment the energy expenditure by approximately 400 KJ. Sympathetic simulation can foster the absorption and metabolism of the glucose from cells. Thus, it can promote the lipolysis.

Four years later, a paper from Berlin University School of Medicine illustrates the scientific basis of the idea that drinking water can lose weight. According to the paper, in 10 minutes, the Rest Energy Expenditure of a person will increase by 24%-30% for an hour after drinking 500 ml water. As such, drinking water can indeed consume more energy. By the same token, according to the German research towards overweight children, the risks have been reduced by 31% after installing the drinking fountain across 32 primary schools. It proves the idea that drinking water can lose weight. Also, International Journal of Obesity once published a report that “if you drink 1 liters of water per day, you will lose 4 kilograms in a year. Various arguments have shown that the scientific basis for losing weight by drinking water does exist.

Questions have also been raised on the Internet about the Alps ore in the JOHNHANCOCK Smart Flask and its capability to decompose water into alkalescent micro-cluster water. As such, this scientific post hasn’t given a final conclusion. However, according to the book towards life and health, crystal stones can lose excess weight. And a Scottish astronomer, James Ferguson, once wrote that ore can generate electricity. Therefore, it is possible that ore can electrolyze water in order to lose weight.

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