Hu Baishan was selected into Forbes China’s “2019 list of outstanding leaders in transnational operation of Chinese enterprises”

On September 30, Forbes China launched for the first time the “list of outstanding leaders in transnational operation of Chinese enterprises”, and selected these outstanding leaders with entrepreneurship and innovation awareness. Among them, Hu Baishan, vice chairman and president of NHU, was selected successfully.

Forbes China defines “outstanding leader” as the CEO who leads the company to create a good market and also an important leader who has made outstanding contributions to the company.

According to Forbes China report, the list of “outstanding leaders of transnational operation of Chinese enterprises” launched this time, through comprehensive evaluation and communication with experts and scholars in the industry, studies the operators of listed enterprises with market value of more than 10 billion RMB at home and abroad and focuses  on the performance of listed companies (including enterprise revenue, net profit, growth rate and return on equity index), the performance of share prices since 2016, the participation of overseas capital markets, the proportion of overseas revenue to total revenue, and overseas working experience, etc to discover the outstanding leaders of Chinese multinational enterprises.

From single pharmaceutical intermediates to nutrients, flavors, fragrances, new materials and APIs, from large-scale production to personalized customization, from chemical synthesis to biological fermentation, under the guidance of Hu Baishan, NHU always adheres to the mission of “innovating fine chemicals and improving the quality of life”, focuses on the research and development of functional products of fine chemicals, and insists on the strategy of integration, serialization and resource sharing. Guided by market demand and driven by technological innovation, NHU has gathered global power, cooperated with famous universities and scientific research institutes at home and abroad, such as Zhejiang University, CysBio biotechnology company of Denmark, and established stable strategic cooperation relations with international enterprises such as DSM and TOYOBO. From 2016 to 2018, the company’s main business income and net profit increased from 4.7 billion yuan and 1.2 billion yuan to 8.7 billion yuan and 3.1 billion yuan respectively.

In addition, NHU is committed to green and safe chemical industry. It cooperates with IUPAC to set up “IUPAC Zhejiang-NHU international green chemistry progress award”, to stimulate the vitality of innovative scientific and technological talents, encourage more talents to enter the chemical industry, so as to promote the development of green chemistry and make greater contributions to meet people’s better life needs.

Since the reform and open policy, with the acceleration of the globalization process, more and more Chinese enterprises go abroad to a broader world market. NHU is also more and more internationalized under the leadership of Hu Baishan and plays an increasingly important role in the international market, thus promoting the development of the whole industry.

In the future, NHU will continue to carry out research in chemical prospective and application fields, constantly explore the future fields of chemistry, biology and new materials, strive to be the industry contributor, and create a better life for the human beings with high-quality products and services.

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