The first light of the Great Wall lit up “Belt and Road Initiative”, and diplomats from many countries praised New Year’s Day’s blessing activities at Mutianyu Great Wall

The first light of the Great Wall illuminates “Belt and Road Initiative”. Diplomats from many countries praised the activities of New Year’s Day of the Mutianyu Great Wall to pray for blessings. Drums rumble, to encourage the sonorous; dragon and lion dance are surging; The Chinese clothing is crowned with gifts and the sound of books is loud.When 2020 ushered in the first dawn, a New Year’s Day activity full of traditional Chinese cultural characteristics to welcome the sun and pray was passionately staged at the Mutianyu Great Wall in Beijing. Diplomats from Pakistan, Belarus, Nigeria and other “Belt and Road Initiative” countries gathered together to welcome the New year.

Photo: diplomats from many countries along “Belt and Road Initiative” gathered at Mutianyu Great Wall for photography / Xing Guangming

At 07:33 that day, the eastern sky began to be dyed red by the glow, and the first ray of dawn arrived at the towering Great Wall in 2020. Diplomats and their families boarded the Mutianyu Great Wall, together with Chinese and foreign tourists, greeted the arrival of the New year with cheers and blessings, and one after another took out their cameras and used lenses to record the ancient and picturesque beauty of the Great Wall.

Bukhari Aska Abbas, military attache of the Pakistani Embassy, said with emotion, “attending the New year ceremony at the Great Wall is a mythical experience and a great honor. It seems to take you back to the great historical journey of the Chinese nation, and the rising New year sun has brought new hope for peace and prosperity. This is a major event in the friendship between Pakistan and China,” he said. “it implies that the two old friends have begun a new chapter of friendship with the arrival of the New year.”

Photo: families of Pakistani diplomats visit the Mutianyu Great Wall

“How wonderful! It’s amazing!” Samuel Abadale, financial officer of the Nigerian Embassy in China, and his wife, Ms. Gloria, repeatedly praised it. While taking photos, they sighed and stood on the Mutianyu Great Wall to better feel the grandeur of this event. The great and long Chinese culture and the warm and lovely Chinese people make the cold winter warm and auspicious.

Photo: families of Nigerian diplomats visit the Mutianyu Great Wall

Podkovilov, first Secretary of the Belarusian Embassy in China, took the whole family to climb the Mutianyu Great Wall, and the laughter of surprise and joy reverberated on the Mutianyu Great Wall. He said excitedly, “seeing the beautiful sunrise at Mutianyu, I can feel the magnificence of China’s natural environment and the greatness of the Great Wall.”

Photo: Belarusian diplomats and their families take a group photo at the Mutianyu Great Wall.

For Zufika Ali Sha, an administrative technician in the office of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor of the Pakistani Embassy, to be able to climb the Mutianyu Great Wall to watch the first sunrise of the New year is “a great honor and joy in my life.” This special form of New year’s blessing activity makes people fully feel the warmth of the New year.

As a symbol of excellent Chinese traditional culture, the Mutianyu Great Wall has a unique international status and cultural value in promoting the construction of “Belt and Road Initiative” and the practice of “building a community with a shared future for mankind”.

Recently, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council have made important arrangements to speed up the construction of the Great Wall National Cultural Park, and promoting the construction of the Great Wall cultural belt has been incorporated into the important planning of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government. Mutianyu Great Wall as a symbol of Chinese culture is increasing its international influence.

Standing on the Mutianyu Great Wall, with the first ray of sunshine of the New year, diplomats are full of new hopes and expectations for strengthening cooperation with China in economic, trade, cultural and other fields. Zufika Ali Sha said that Pakistan-China friendship has a long history, and it is believed that the cooperation of the Pakistan-China Economic Corridor will strengthen exchanges and cooperation between the two sides in personnel, culture, commerce, trade and many other fields. Podkovilovya hopes to invite more Chinese people to travel to Belarus for the New year. Samuel Abadale hopes that China and Nigeria will have more opportunities for cooperation in more fields and bring more well-being to the people of the two countries and the world.

Photo: Diplomats and their families take photos with the dragon dance

Inviting diplomats from developing countries along the “Belt and Road Initiative” route to participate in the Mutianyu Great Wall New Year’s Day activities to greet the sun and pray for the sun is conducive to giving full play to the strategic value of Mutianyu Great Wall as a symbol of Chinese traditional culture, helping to enhance the broad masses of young people’s road self-confidence, cultural self-confidence, system self-confidence, expanding and enhancing the Mutianyu scenic spot brand reputation and international influence. Beijing TV Station pays special attention to the column reports.

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