The Newest Technology for preforming Action At A Distance (AAAD)

The Newest Technology for preforming Action At A Distance (AAAD)

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Action At A Distance (AAAD) is a process of Micro Vibratory Physics. It is a feelable event that utilizes a kinetic White Light video carrier signal and trend to pulse, lead or shape the bio-field of a target subject. This process of Action At A Distance and Remote Influencing is accomplished by placing an audio jack into the audio-out output from your computer to allow the video White Light carrier field to silently build up so that it is projected through a trend energy and goes through quantum space, the ether-or hyperspace – to the target subject.

If you are a healer or remote influencer and you are doing any form of visualization, running energy or intending on that target you are going into resonance with that unwanted condition.  There is a communication line from you to the target but also one running in reverse from the target to you! While you are trying to remote influence the target the targets subconscious energy is remote influencing you!

If you are visualizing the healing of the target injury, then the energetic signature or incoherence of the target’s injury is coming back to you.  The more you recreate the injury in the process of flowing energy on to it the more that injury energetics ends up in your own bio-field-uninvited. 

Our Action At A Distance system keeps you out of contact with these kinds of stress-inducing backflows. Over many years of research, we have discovered the harm to the practitioner that comes of it. Sick or energy depleted practitioners are a dime a dozen. They are as common as the target conditions they are treating.

In AAAD you are setting up an Action At A Distance program to accomplish this. You set up a carrier wave to carry the intention or goal to the target. Let us say you want to make a change in your behavior. Say stop smoking. You set up a trend that each time you feel stress or anxiety and want to smoke that the uncomfortable feelings are transmuted into bliss. You send that program to yourself as the target or link. You send the program 24/7.

In the beginning, your subconscious programming resists the program as it is conditioned to use smoking as a fixed solution to these feelings. As the process of transmutation continues, each time the unwanted behavior triggers, the transmutation kicks in and the unwanted feelings give way to bliss. Soon the bliss becomes more pleasurable than the stress. You have engineered a short cut to the bliss bypassing smoking as the via. The Action At A Distance process has assisted you in re-processing stress to bliss. He bliss served as a carrot or reward for following the repetitive subliminal suggestion.

My most honest and time-tested suggestion is to stand back and let our AAAD App do the work.  When you employ our App you can perform Action At A Distance on many targets at a time. Try doing this using only your own intention.  If you choose to go about it with your own intention when you start to complain of the very symptoms that you are treating then think of this article and employ our Action At A Distance App as a buffer between you and the client’s symptom and take a mental health day! May your energy field remain vital, learn more at

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