Fandom.Live, A Fan Initiated Crowd-sourcing Platform For Live Sports and Entertainment

Fandom.Live is a crowdsourcing platform that empowers fans by involving them in the decision-making process for live events, allowing fans to request their favorite sports matches or concert/performances in their city and support their favorite celebrities.

The platform’s unique crowdsourcing system, based on blockchain technology, will finally give fans the voice that they deserve within an industry that has all but ignored them. While fans drive the revenue of the industry, they have no means in which to affect industry decisions or provide the needed direct feedback that could directly expand the current market and allow live sports and entertainment to reach a greater audience. 

Fandom.Live users can search for their favorite sports team, artist, or any live performance, and leverage their combined voices to request an event be held in their city through voting on event campaigns. Users can create conversations with other fans to drive votes while earning rewards for their influence. This system will finally enable fans to bring the events they want to the area they live in. If enough fans on Fandom.Live back an event, Fandom.Live can work behind the scenes to turn that dream into a reality. At the same time, Fandom.Live can aid in selecting suitable venues and local promoters while setting ticket and merchandise based on the pledges of Fandom.Live users.

Beyond voting for campaigns, users can also donate, invest and get rewards similar to how other crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter have done for startups. Fandom.Live works with sports promoters, event organizers and artist agencies to gauge how fan enthusiasm turns into real revenue. With blockchain-based smart contracts, individual investors can be assured that payouts are transparent, secure and convenient.

Fandom.Live will on-board promoters and organizers from all backgrounds and markets, creating a diverse portfolio of events across various markets for all fans. Fandom.Live analyzes the demand for live events abroad and removes the guesswork for organizers by providing decision-making data and improved liquidity. For fans, Fandom.Live provides real-time information on featured campaigns and previously inaccessible investment opportunities.

Fandom.Live’s CEO & Founder, Aiden K Moon, commented that “Our goal is a seamless revolution that upends the current live sports and entertainment industry through a fan-driven platform. Fandom.Live provides unique opportunities to global fans that had been previously ignored because of uncertain event profitability. Ultimately, we want to provide precise information based on big data and AI technology to decision makers in a democratic system.”

In October and November of 2019, Fans on Fandom.Live helped organizers to decide where to host the football match tour with Brazil national football team. The flagship match was Superclásico which featured the Brazil and Argentina teams in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Kingdom and three more matches were held successfully in Singapore and Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Fandom.Live just completed a campaign for English Premier League fans in Asia to let fans decide which EPL club will visit in 2020. Popular K-pop group BTS campaign is ongoing now to amplify their fan’s voices. These vote counts will be visible to Fandom.Live’s network of promoters, investors and other fans that have the option to vote, engage, or even invest in the potential event.

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