Guangzhou High School Student Invents “Scissors Lift 3D Printer”

Reports emerged that Zhou Qiuwen, a student in Scientific Group (Class 2, Grade 3), English School Attached to Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, has successfully manufactured a “scissor lift 3D printer” after nearly two years of independent research and development. Moreover, Zhou Qiuwen has applied 3 patent applications including the seismic structure of 3D printing equipment, placement bracket for laser engraving machine and lifting table for 3D printer.


According to Zhou Qiuwen, the biggest attraction of this structure is its small size. The traditional 3D printer is massive, and this structure can be compressed to a flat shape, which is convenient to carry and needn’t to be disassembled. Due to the lack of design and workmanship, there is a certain distance from the envisaged compression degree. However, compared with the same printing area and function, the volume has also reduced by half. This structure can reduce the height to less than 10cm, which is lower than the height of a mobile phone, and the volume can be as small as 1/4. The 3D printer can be realized, and the engraving machine with the same principle as the printer can be realized naturally. By using the same principle, half of the 3D printer structure can be extracted, and the laser engraving head can be replaced to realize the laser engraving machine.

Some experts in the industry believe that 3D printing is a new manufacturing technology based on digital model, which will pile up materials layer by layer to make physical items, and will have a profound impact on the traditional process, production line, factory mode and industrial chain combination. It is a representative subversive technology in the manufacturing industry. This structural technology developed by Zhou Qiuwen not only greatly reduces the logistics cost of traditional 3D printers, but also provides a new direction for traditional 3D printer structure and new product development ideas.

“That’s great if this structural technology can be applied to the actual manufacturing industry or life.” Zhou Qiuwen hopes that this structural technology can benefit China’s 3D printing industry, and it’s better to facilitate people’s life. “Of course, there are still many immature places in this technology, and I will continue to explore under the leadership of the school.”


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