New App, Rendezvous to Revolutionize the Dating Community. Aimed at Helping Users Meet Off the App

Rendezvous, the new dating app that will match singles in your area and will also suggest locations (via MAPS) for the two of you to meet up. While online dating apps and websites have provided a great platform for people to meet and connect, not many of them are able to offer a user experience that make users take relationships beyond the app.

The regular dating apps are filled with the same functionalities and experience. This is all going to change with the new Rendezvous app, a new and innovative dating app that is developed with a core belief to offer a unique kind of experience that will help users take their relationships beyond the app. It’s a first of its kind app designed to bring a safe dating experience to the users.

On the Rendezvous app, you can swipe up and swipe down to dislike and also can “rate your date”. Speaking about the app, the founder, Jason Paul had this to say “The concept came to life after using many other dating apps and finding that they can be very unpredictable and unreliable. Which can lead to a lot of disappointment. I wanted to create my own dating app and try to improve where other dating apps had failed me. I wanted something different; something that would help other people find a higher success rate.”

The Rendezvous app was created with the end goal of the user in mind. So, the app was created to help the process of meeting up after you have both made mutual like. on the app because experience has shown that the longer it takes people to decide to meet the lower their chances of meeting. The app help suggest rendezvous location and also adds layers of safety by having users rate their experience in these locations. This also helps reduce catfishing.

Rendezvous dating app is for anyone that wants to  catch a good vibe and meet sooner than later. Catch your vibe means to go into your dates with no expectations. Have the expectations that you will have a good time and catch your vibe.

The app can be found on both the Google play store and the Apple app store. You can also check for more information about the experience.

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