30 International Media Bloggers visit Sanyas 7 internet-famous spots

From November 17th to November 25th Sanya was visited by 30 international media bloggers from the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, Belarus, Italy, Peru, Poland, Mexico, Spain, Iran, South Korea and the Philippines. HelloSanya invited these bloggers to see first hand just how beautiful Sanya and the surrounding areas are. After their short but eventful stay with us here in Sanya the bloggers started to blog and their information videos had a total of 15360,000 page-views, as well as a total of 770,000 likes on Instagram posts and the numbers just, keep rising due to YouTube and other offshore media platforms Sanyas name is now being spoken all across the world.

“Sanya is so beautiful. I fell in love with it when I first came here. I want to live here for a long time. I feel that people in Sanya are as warm and friendly as the weather here. I want to introduce Sanya to the people of my country I also believe that more and more people will come here to travel.” When it comes to Sanya, such a group of foreigners are full of praise.

The group of Media bloggers and team at HelloSanya visited a number of famous scenic spots including Wyndham Sanya Bay, Hainan Binglanggu Li & Miao Culture Heritage Park, Atlantis Sanya, Sanya Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park, Nanwan Monkey Island (Lingshui County, Hainna), Sanya Conifer Resort, and Sanya Tianya-Haijiao Scenic Area. The Media bloggers got the opportunity to witness the Li’s traditional weaving, the tie dye skills of Miao and try for themselves. Making friends with mermaids at Atlantis and facing fears on the glass bridge at Sanya Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park

This time 7 Sanya internet-famous spots quickly occupied the hot search list of Sanya & Hainan topic on social media such as Instagram. The number of page-views and liked all ranked first in these topics. At the same time, the event was also reported by 40 bi-foreign media (English & Russian).

“I will use up my power to introduce the beauty of Sanya to people in Latin America, and to introduce them more Sanya and Chinese culture,” said Julia Gama, Media Blogger from Brazil.

Aliaksei Chaichyts, Media Blogger from Belarus, said that people in Sanya are as warm and friendly as the weather here when she first came and she really love Sanya culture and also wanted to live here for a long time.

“I hope to introduce the beautiful scenery and hospitable Sanya people to our Belgian through my efforts. I believe that more and more people will come here for tourism,” said Behnaz bargozide,

Media Blogger from Belgium. Allan Dixon, Media Blogger from Canada told us, ”it is very convenient to come to Hainan as the Visa-free policy of 59 countries in Hainan, so it’s available to book tickets to come here at any time.

“We are looking forward to increasing the pace of opening up, attracting more foreign tourists to come in, spreadingto the world through many social media, and let more tourists know Sanya all around the world.” Mr.Yang Kun, Manager of Sanya OFIA Culture Media Co.Ltd., said that holding an international media bloggers photography exhibition, we can play a great influence on these international media bloggers and attract more international media bloggers to travel Sanya. He believe that Sanya can be an Internet-famous place where travel bloggers came to visit, sanya also can attract more and more foreign tourists to have fun. At the end, it can help the construction of Sanya International Tourism Consumption Center.

Photos and videos from HelloSanyas 2nd bloggers exhbatition will be displayed at The 4th Sanya International Cultural Industry Fair 2019. The International Cultural Fair will be open to the public free of charge. We are determined to open the eyes of the world to Chinas little paradise.

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