The Benefits Of Hanging Wallpaper Instead Of Painting The Walls

The Benefits Of Hanging Wallpaper Instead Of Painting The Walls

When building a home or remodeling, many individuals use paint for their walls. Another choice, which has several advantages that individuals may not know of is using wallpaper instead of paint. Besides having more decorating choices when using wallpaper, individuals will also save money. Read the information below to learn additional info about the benefits of hanging wallpaper instead of painting the walls in the home.


Many individuals often assume that paint is the least expensive option for covering their walls. While paint may cost less to purchase upfront, individuals will spend more money throughout the years every time they repaint their walls. The upfront cost for wallpaper may seem like more money, but individuals won’t have to replace their wallpaper for at least 15 years. This is one investment that really pays off for individuals in the long run. Since individuals can purchase wallpaper in various price ranges, they don’t have to worry about going over their budget when they make the initial purchase.

Hides Wall Damage

Many homes, especially older houses, have unsightly wall damage, such as nail holes, uneven surfaces, and other imperfections. According to, Spackle compound and paint can cover some irregularities in the walls, but it’s unable to hide every kind of wall damage. When individuals use wallpaper, they completely cover every imperfection and damaged areas of the wall. Wallpaper makes the walls look smooth and streamlined without hideous flaws that take away from the beauty of the room. Over time, it’s also possible for paint on the walls to chip and crack, which is also an eyesore in the home.

Simple Application

Along with updated styles of wallpaper, advancements have also been made so that wallpaper is easier to apply than in years past. For this reason, many individuals hang their wallpaper themselves instead of hiring a professional. Suppliers can assist individuals on How To Choose Wallpaper For Your Living Room, Even If You’ve Never Touched The Stuff and help them with the needed tools and supplies for self-installation. Painting is often very messy, and it’s easy to get paint on furniture and floors even when individuals are being careful. Paint can leave an offensive odor inside the home until it dries and oil-based paint can irritate the eyes or skin.

Numerous Decorating Options

While individuals can purchase paint in a variety of colors, they have many more options to choose from when they hang wallpaper on their walls. Individuals can purchase this type of wall covering in numerous styles, textures, and designs. The design choices and variety of wallpaper continue to grow and individuals can choose simple styles or go for a more dramatic look with glitter, metallic or beaded wallpaper. Suppliers, such as Lulu & Georgia, carry wallpaper in various themes, such as tropical, vintage and modern, to enhance every individual’s unique style. Wallpaper for kids’ rooms is also available and special selections for the kitchen and bathrooms.

Individuals who want to change the appearance of the rooms in their homes should consider hanging wallpaper. This type of wall covering is becoming more popular for individuals because of the many benefits it offers. Besides the ease of application and hiding wall damage, individuals can choose a color and design for their own unique style.

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