Katy Vibes to Host The Chromatics on January 3

Katy Vibes to Host The Chromatics on January 3

There’s no question that the ’80s is a decade that’s pretty memorable. Big hair, big jeans, and amazing music all came out of that decade. When it comes to music, though, The Chromatics is a group worth checking out and those in the area of Katy, Texas have the chance to do this on January 3 at Katy Vibes. This band is bringing back the sounds of the ’80s — even though they were formed more than a decade later.

About The Chromatics

Chromatics is an American electronic music band that formed in 2001 out of Portland, Oregon. Members of the band include Johnny Jewel, Nat Walker, Adam Miller, and Ruth Radelet. In the beginning, the band was classified as having a sound that was called “lo-fi” and “punk.” By many, they were also described as being “chaotic” and “noisy.” However, the band experienced several lineup changes, which left Adam Miller as the only original member. Once the new band members were found, they released material in 2007 through the Italians Do It Better label with their style being described as “Italo disco” influenced and a sound that can be seen at Katy Vibes on January 3.

In the past, the Chromatics have received all sorts of recognition for the music they create. For example, the band was invited by Karl Lagerfeld to play the Chanel fashion show in 2013. They were placed over the runway, looking at the entire catwalk and creating a dream-like ambiance. During this performance, the band performed five new hits for those in attendance. They have also played at several music festivals across the globe, including the Barcelona Primavera and Pitchfork Music Festival.

About Katy Vibes

Katy Vibes is a restaurant by day and offers show-stopping live entertainment when the sun goes down. More about the acts and lineup at this establishment can be found by visiting https://katyvibes.com.

The menu at Katy Vibes includes an array of favorites, including salads, soups, sandwiches and more. The food offered here has been reviewed by patrons as “delicious” and “amazing.” It is an establishment worth visiting to see what the menu has to offer and why it is such a hot destination in Katy.

Why Seeing Live Music at Katy Vibes is a Fun Experience for Everyone

Regardless of a person’s age or their specific music tastes, there is no question that live music events have a lot to offer. These events that you can find at https://katyvibes.com/about are ideal for couples, individuals, families, and more. Live music is the perfect opportunity to have fun, relax, and unwind from the stresses of day-to-day life.

When planning to attend a live music event at Katy Vibes, it’s important to be prepared. Be sure to have identification and money on hand for drinks and appetizers, which are going to enhance the experience even more. By visiting this location for the Chromatics performance, anyone can enjoy this live music event and all it has to offer.

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