New Trading Software Hits Wall Street in 2020

New Trading Software Hits Wall Street in 2020

Blue Diamond Capital – Rare Off-Market Deals
Blue Diamond Capital is a new investment club located on the 28th floor inside 40 Wall St New York NY. This club focuses on building software and letting it work on behalf of its members. With some of the best AI and Quant Specialists on the street, they have truly made something unique.

Blue Diamond Capital is a brand new private platform tailored to even the newest person with zero knowledge. It allows you to experience expert market strategies, competitive portfolio ideas, and get our backtested EA in order to start making money 100% hands-free. Blue Diamond Capital is one of the best private investment clubs and SaaS firms on Wall St in the Heart of New York City.

“I have spent the last four years of my life putting together software with some of the best people in the industry of trading and programming. I wanted to create something that I would put my family’s money into and trust it to grow for generations. Growing up seeing both sides of the fence from poverty to some of the richest people in the world I learned that it wasn’t the knowledge that got them out of the hole, but the resources available to them. I created this company to give back and level the playing field,” said 26-year-old Vincent, managing member of Blue Diamond Capital.

Blue Diamond Capital’s software, unlike any other, earns you interest regardless of market conditions. With these big banks paying their customers 1-4% ROI on their money all while using that capital to trade for their own benefit, Blue Diamond Capital uses the markets to give back to the people.

With a diverse club of traders, programmers, and market analysts, it’s no wonder Blue Diamond Capital is taking the markets by storm in 2020. Their software has been vigorously backtested since 2004 and ran into the future with live accounts. By using Quants, AI, fundamentals, and technicals this is software is a learning machine. With all the new SaaS companies and Private Investment Clubs, this is the one to watch.

You can find them on the “Street” in the heart of NYC or at

*This is not a public offering.

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Contact Person: Vincent
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Phone: 6036740395
Address:40 Wall St 28th floor #1009
City: New York
State: NY
Country: United States
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