ZHKRPCB LTD Announces to Offer Instant PCB Quote for an Extensive Range Of PCB Assembly Service

Mainly engaged in the business of PCB assembly, production and supply, ZHKRPCB LTD offers instant quotes to companies for their PCB assembly and production project.

Companies that need quick and affordable PCB assembling services can now email their details to China based ZHKRPCB LTD and can request for a free PCB quote. One can also go online and visit the company’s website to get a quote instantly and in an automated manner. One can choose from all the desired parameters of the PCB assembly and can get the exact quote. The website has been designed with an objective of helping industrial clients to get the PCB quotes in an instant manner and take their projects off.

According to the spokesperson of the company, it’s a lot easier now to get an instant PCB quote. One can choose from different dimensions and layers of the PCB to get the quote. The PCB service website also allows to choose from a detailed specification to get a more precise price estimation. For example, one can also select the PCB thickness, the color of the solder mask and the font color. The company can supply solder masks in different colors, including green, red, yellow, blue, white and black. Clients can also choose from a variety of surface finishes, such as lead tin, HASL lead free and immersion gold. One can choose the desired via process, which could either be tenting vias or no vias at all.

The spokesperson reveals that they intend to deliver PCBs that precisely meet a client’s requirement. This is the reason why they have designed such a detailed instant PCB quote delivery process online. Customers can also choose the outer finished copper type for the PCB, which could be of 1OZ or 2OZ. One can also choose to get the PCB with the golden finger beveling or without any beveling. According to the spokesperson, they vow to supply high quality and tested PCB solutions for the industry. This is the reason why they allow choosing from different types of PCB tests, which include 100% free flying probe tests and sampling flying probe tests.

ZHKRPCB LTD Announces to Offer Instant PCB Quote for an Extensive Range Of PCB Assembly Service

The client also has to register on the website and has to provide the shipping address to get the pricing of the PCB services. After filling up all the relevant details of the PCB service, one just needs to click on the Order tab to get the pricing. The shipping weight of the PCB is also calculated automatically with the online estimation feature, and one will also learn about the shipping cost when an express delivery is chosen. One is also free to choose a favorable shipping type. ZHKRPCB LTD can also accept quick PCB production and assembly orders via email. In most cases, they take 24 to 48 hours in delivering up to 30 pieces of PCBs, while for over 50 pieces of the PCB one may have to wait for 3 to 7 days. In all cases, the company maintains a fast delivery process and maintains reasonable prices.

Multilayer PCB design, PCB Layout, PCB copy, PCB Clone, Dechipher IC, software developing,prototype debugging and manufacturing, unit production and mass production, OEM, SMT, ODM, testing and so on. It can undertake the design business of 1-38 layers PCB quickly. more than 100 software and hardware engineers with many years experience in technology development and PCB design. Whatever it is two-sided boards, multilayer boards or high frequency boards, we can provide the following services: PCB copy, PCB changing, schematic diagram designing, PCB layout, BOM list making, prototype manufacturing (including debugging), the batch processing of finished product, technical support, quality assurance of PCB production, according to the requirements of our customers. Therefore, it will save your cost for the development and drawing design, and in the mean time, it will help you fulfill these items: Purchasing the scarce components, replacement of the devices with compatible function, the design for signal source and testing frame etc.

To know more about the company’s instant online quotation system, one can visit the website http://pcb.zhkrpcb.com.


ZHKRPCB has a highly qualified team made up of professional engineers, who have academic credentials above undergraduate of universities. The company is a major player in electronics appliance, communication, educational electronics, power supply, computer peripherals, PCB design and manufacture and lead free PCB soldering.

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