Digency Media Makes Marketing Easy and Flourishing for Dentists and Dental Care Clinics in Davao City

Digency Media Makes Marketing Easy and Flourishing for Dentists and Dental Care Clinics in Davao City
Digital Experts at DM Make Finding Fresh and Old Patients Easy for Your Dental Clinic Fuelling and Catalyzing Businesses Development.

Davao, Philippines – Jan 3, 2020 – Digital marketing is the need of the modern-day. It has the power of attraction, expansion, development, and mind-changing. Digency Media has all these marketing tools to develop and expand your dental care services to those doors that are still unaware of the value of dental care. 

It serves as the best connecting agent for the dentists in Davao and their patients. Many individuals across the globe need dental care including the Philippines where according to official reports 92.4% Filipinos suffer from tooth decay and 78% from gum diseases. Targeting these patients online through digital marketing strategies is the key to success. Luckily, experts at Digency Media have the key to unrivaled success.

Oral health in the Philippines needs more dental care and attention than before. According to official reports, 97% of school-going children suffer from tooth decay, 78% suffer from dental caries and 49.7% of the same age group suffers from dental infections. These calculations are alarming; however, effective digital marketing strategies can set the goals for practicing dentists and dental clinics. 

Though new to the Philippines, experts at DM are thriving hard for bridging the gap between the dentists in Davao and their clients. Dental Care is not only of paramount importance for the Filipinos but for dental clinics as well to flourish their businesses in the large interest of the community. DM’s experts believe that they can exploit the situation in favor of both dentists and the clients.

Digital marketing strategies are not as simple as they seem. Experts invest their efforts in marketing strategies. Experts at Digency Media offer a  4 step “Done for you” procedure to help boost potential clients, link them with the dentists in Davao and ultimately enable them to explore new avenues. 

Step 1 includes “Website That Convert”. This step is helpful in attracting ideal patients and makes them regular visitors to your dental clinic. In order to enhance patient engagement and provide a foundation to your dental care capacity, DM designs a website the correct way to attract patients. This way you can have what you truly deserve.

Step 2 includes “Social Media Content Scheduling”. Social media content scheduling strategies grab the attention of dental patients. This is building on your first step where you need to keep certain things in order to be able to use step 1 as a lever. 

Step 3 is “Done for You Monthly Newsletter Marketing”. Highly targeted monthly newsletters can return up to 40X what they cost. At this stage when the foundation is grounded, you can commence your practice that will grow exponentially in a very short period. 

Finally, step 4 is “Celebrity Status Marketing”. Here, a local “celebrity status” is created for you and your practice by using Digency Media’s clever DFY Celebrity Status strategies to boost your reputation through Digency Media’s secret strategies that may or may not include videos, putting you in the media, holding expert interviews with you and many more.

Digency Media has a team of experts who have mastered the skills of digital marketing. They are the possible short cut route to reaching the dental patients. They help people take their businesses yet to another level of progress and development. No one can stop you from achieving your goal,  just contact Digency Media and make your practice extraordinary.

Please, feel free to contact our Media Manager for further queries.

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