Leegels Bump Preventer – A Revolutionary Shave Oil, Designed to Treat Razor Bumps

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Orange, CA – Jan 3, 2020 – On September 7, 2019, Leegels announced Leegels Bump Preventer, the world’s first pre-shave and after shave oil, specifically designed to treat and prevent razor bumps and skin irritation that occurs from shaving. As of December 30, 2019, Leegels has given away over 500 samples to people who suffer from pseudofolliculitis barbae (razor bumps) and skin irritation, and reviews have been beyond positive.

Leegels Bump Preventer is an all natural, vegan, shave oil that is applied before and after shaving, to stop razor bumps/irritation from occurring, and treat current razor bumps on the skin. Using a combination of natural oils and minerals, Leegels Bump Preventer lubricates the hair follicles/relaxes the skin before shaving cream is applied, to allow for a comfortable shave, then applied after shaving to fight current bumps, keep the skin moisturized, and help protect the skin from harmful UV rays, with a natural sunblock.

“When I shaved for the first time, I broke out in bumps all over my face and of course, I immediately scoured the internet for a working product. Sadly, I couldn’t find one on the market, and after being fed up with home remedies and products that didn’t work, I set off to research and develop my own solution,” said Chris Woodson, founder and CEO. “It couldn’t just work, it also had to be all natural, feel good, smell pleasant, and all but be a miracle in a bottle. After hitting those points, I teamed up with my best friend, Sean Price, to showcase this to the world.”

Leegels launches soon on Kickstarter, but FREE samples of their Bump Preventer are still being given away on their website, http://go.leegels.com/kickstarter. Signing up for the VIP Club includes being the first to know about the product launch, receiving a 40% discount off retail price, and being among the first receive a bottle.

For more information about Leegels, visit http://leegels.com or email: [email protected]

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Leegels is an Orange County-based startup, focused on creating effective, luxurious skin care products for men and women alike.

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