After its success in Europe, Sprinkle Success sets its sight on Asia

Hongkong – Jan 3rd, 2020 – After solving the volatility issues of several digital currencies in Europe, Sprinkle Success Exchange has set its sight on the Asian Digital Currencies Market.

Sprinkle Success Limited was registered in the UK in Mar 2015 with a registered capital of 10 million pounds, specializing in the research and development of quantitative trading of digital assets. Its founding members were mostly professionals from Quantitative Funds and fin-tech companies well-known in Wall Street and their primary aim is to solve the issue of digital currencies’ volatility in Europe using quantitative trading technology.

In 2018, Sprinkle Success Limited introduced Sprinkle Success Exchange, also known as SSE. It is the world’s first digital asset exchange that deploys quantitative trading technology. The technology combines complex quantitative transaction analysis systems (advanced mathematical model analysis) and trading strategies (consensus mechanism, P2P mechanism, etc.), based on stored assets, to enhance the value of digital assets in the quantitative exchange market.  In doing so, quantitative trading can provide investors worldwide with the ability to achieve sustainable, stable and higher than average returns in digital assets trading.

Over the last 2 years, SSE’s unique quantitative trading technology has helped many digital currencies in Europe combat their extreme price volatility issues and created many more millionaire investors. According to an inside source, SSE has set its sight on the Asia digital assets market. It is understood that they will be partnering fin-tech chat application, Umichat in their expedition to Asia and the partnership includes the sharing of technologies resources as well as appointing Umichat as the official mobile chat application of SSE.

Umichat is a fin-tech mobile chat application founded by Twilight Asia Limited. What makes Umichat such an appealing proposition to SSE is the fact that Umichat is the world’s first mobile application to provide the function of a crypto wallet, crypto exchange, encrypted social media and communication all under one roof. It even has its own utility token, UMQ which will be the first Asian based token to be listed on SSE in 2020.

With similar outlooks on the future, Sprinkle Success and Twilight Asia look to forge a strong alliance in the fin-tech arena, leading the world into a new era of Digital Finance!

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