5 House Features that Blow Buyers Away

5 House Features that Blow Buyers Away

When investing in home improvement projects, homeowners are encouraged to upgrade a house with features that add functionality and convenience to the living space. However, many homeowners don’t add the features that buyers are looking for, which may make it challenging to sell. While there are more than a few home upgrades to make, there are a few that are considered more appealing to buyers than others.

A we buy houses companymay not be interested in the buyer features listed as they enjoy adding these features in themselves to help increase their profits. Reaching out to one of these companies might benefit you if you don’t want to put in the effort of adding these features to your home or if you are in a hurry to sell. If you find yourself struggling to sell you might interested in reaching out to iBuyYourHouse.com. Keep reading to learn more about what buyers want!

1. A Walk-in Closet

Walk-in closets are considered the most valued asset according to a recent study. In fact, buyers value closet space over basement and attic storage space. Also, having a walk-in closet in the master bedroom is the second-most important feature to potential home buyers.

There are some homebuyers who have also stated that having a large walk-in closet (often called a dressing room) is absolutely essential. In some cases, if this feature isn’t present, it may be a deal breaker. Not only does a walk-in closet provide more space, but they also make it easier to get organized and offer a relaxing area to get dressed.

2. Energy Efficiency

Another top feature that home buyers look for is energy efficiency. This includes anything from the presence of energy-efficient appliances to modern windows, efficient lighting, and anything else that will help to keep utility costs low. Buyers also put a priority on the insulation in a home. Something that homeowners need to consider, is whether high-efficiency insulation was installed in the home. 

3. Master Bathroom

Master bathrooms are a huge factor in determining if a buyer is interested in your home. This room is defined as a room that has a shower, bathtub, and sink that is accessible from the biggest bedroom. The name of the room may vary, but the features are the same, and it is a must-have for many home buyers.

4. A Two Car Garage

This is a desired feature for both newly constructed homes and older homes. Garages offer valuable storage space for items like tools. However, most people want enough room for at least one vehicle. All this (and more) is offered by a two-car garage. There is no question that garage upgrades are a hot home trend worth investing in.

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5. Hardwood Flooring

Approximately half of all homebuyers are willing to pay more if a home has hardwood flooring. The primary reason for this is because the flooring is durable and the material is much easier to clean than some other choices. Making a hardwood flooring upgrade is one that makes a lot of sense.

If a homeowner is trying to sell, it’s a good idea to make the upgrades listed here. Being informed is the best way to ensure that a home sells for as much money and as quickly as possible. Making these upgrades will pay off in the long run.

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