BlackcatSEO reinforces partnership with France agency ‘la Mob Jaune’ for clients in France and Sekoia agency in Montreal

We know that no business can survive without SEO. It is the prime need of every growing and established brand to maintain a solid presence online. But not all organizations have an experienced in-house team to manage their digital marketing requirements. Many big brands and the new-age entrepreneurs as well prefer to outsource SEO services from reliable agencies around.

Blackcat SEO is also serving business owners in Montreal with reliable WEB and SEO development solutions. They make use of advanced practices to build a solid brand impression in the market. At present, they are serving clients in Montreal with Christmas holiday promotions. You can avail services for free SEO analysis to know the current position of your brand in the online world. And the experienced teams can further help you build solid relations with the search engine algorithms to boost your returns.

Blackcat SEO is run by Antonin Pasquereau, who is basically from France but migrated to Canada almost 15 years ago. He started serving the business community with small SEO projects; however, with huge technical expertise, he soon established his own SEO industry with a B2B model. He first started from a small city of Canada; however, now he has also reinforced partnership with the ‘la Mob Jaune’ – a well-known France based agency. Antonin has a solid plan to serve all small and medium-sized companies with quality services.

Those who are interested in boosting their holiday sales with solid SEO strategies can contact Antonin at Blackcat SEO to avail reliable services in Canada and now in France as well. This is one of the most reliable platforms for international SEO. These experienced teams prefer to follow an organic content generation approach to rank your page higher on search engine results. They follow trusted tactics for keyword stuffing so that your website can establish a solid relationship with search engine algorithms. There is no such thing as duplicate content as Blackcat SEO follows the most innovative tactics to lead your business ahead of competitors.

About Blackcat SEO:

BlackCatSEO is a Montreal search marketing agency recognized for its excellence in web marketing, SEO, and its innovation. They are specialized in technical and strategic SEO (search engine optimization) solutions designed to drive traffic and sales to local businesses, e-commerce and business websites. With unrivaled research capabilities, our team provides business intelligence that goes beyond standard data sets. The strategic advice they provide focuses on maximum impact and speed, enabling a quick return on investment.

In order to know more about Blackcat SEO, we asked a few important questions from these experts:

Q. What inspired you to set up an SEO service to serve clients on an international level?

A. I came in Canada 15 years ago, so I always both felt lucky being able to work here, and also nostalgic of Europe. When you reach a certain level of achievement in your local area, I think it’s a natural trend to move forward with markets that fits you the most – either on a specific vertical, or geographically. So that’s what happened here : we have focused on our clients successs, and we’ve reached enough confidence to apply our techniques to another francophone market.

We also had a few clients that wanted to internationalize sales, from Europe to north-America, or the other way around.  We have registered thousands of partners in US, Canada and France, to be able to offer the same level of expertise for digital publications. BlackcatSEO progressively became the ‘central place’ to get shoutouts, and visibility from different regions of the world (but only Anglophone and francophone).

Q. How, according to you, international SEO can be more beneficial to the growing business owners around the world?

A. It’s obviously one of the cheapest, and most effective way for a business to achieve sales in another country. And that doesn’t apply to every businesses. Comparing a traditional marketing and mark entry strategy, with a 100% web strategy to penetrate another country is a very interesting exercise.

It’s important to specify that SEO does not answer all the questions to enter a foreign market, especially from the ‘brand’ perspective. Now, having sales organically from SEO can definitely offer more leverage to enter a market efficiently.   

3 typical steps are: deploying and properly geolocalizing your new store. Then comes traffic and SEO strategy, that are defined by on-site and off-site editorial content.  All should be nurthered with proper social strategy: so the challenge is always there – especially to find ressources with proper cultural references (even in the same language, but for different countries. Like Canada and US, or Québec and France).

I really feel SEO can be used differently depending on the business maturity and vision. A very famous brand will have different challenges from a small company. The customer journey can start from a non-branded, long-tail keyword on Google, or from the brand name; both are very distinct experiences, and the strategies behind are completely different as well.  How do we want the customer to behave once he discovers the brand? How do we want a famous brand to capture keywords not related to the brand? These are examples of how we start to think of a strategy for international SEO.

Q. How much time it usually takes to bring a new website to a considerable rank on search engine results?

A. I guess we come back to the brand authority. Obviously a very famous brand  will have less trouble ranking on another country request because Google recognizes authority.  Also, it depends on the amount of ‘external’ citations and articles, like press releases, that the company is ready to launch. When you put that in perspective with the local competition in the targeted market, you can get an idea of the distance between now, and the 1st spot of google.

In the best case scenario, only a few months will be enough to achieve good rankings in another coutry – and generally, big companies also spend PPC budget at start, because they know.

In the worst case scenario, it could take years – the same way new businesses struggles on their original territory depending on the keyword competition.

As we are aware of the challenges and necessary means to achieve results, we are always transparent at the beginning of any new campaign, and there is a number of project we can’t accept.  Sometimes it can take another 6 month for a company to gather ressources, and have the proper process in place to do good SEO for a specific market. As we calculate every aspect of the competitors web strategy, we just know what we need to build to achieve the same rankings.

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