Keith Stephens Buff Raising Arteriovenous Malformation Awareness

Keith Stephens Buff is actively raising awareness from what is known as an AVM (Arteriovenous Malformation) through is website and book that can be ordered through Barnes and Noble.

Keith Stephens Buff suffered from AVM. He is a health enthusiast who goes to the gym every day, which has enabled him to learn to walk on his own again. As a result, he now has the time to do volunteer jobs such as teaching golf to over one hundred twenty-five children, be a mascot for the firemen and helping with golf outings.

He is now able to play golf which has been very helpful in his recovery as well as helping to return him to a more joyful life. Writing this story has helped Buff to remember an enjoyable childhood.

What is an AVM

AVM or formally known as an Arteriovenous Malformation? This was the question on the minds of my family when it happened to me. An AVM is a congenital disorder of the connections between veins and arteries in the vascular system. The genetic transmission patterns of AVM (if any) are unknown, and AVM is not generally thought to be an inherited disorder – unless in the context of a specific hereditary syndrome.

AVMs can occur in various parts of the body including the brain (see cerebral arteriovenous malformation), spleen, lung, kidney, spinal column, and liver. AVMs may occur in isolation or as a part of another disease (e.g. Von Hippel-Lindau disease or hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia).

This bleeding can be devastating, particularly in the brain. It can cause severe and often fatal strokes. If detected before a stroke occurs, usually the arteries feeding blood into the nidus can be closed off, ensuring the safety of the patient.

We have asked Keith a few questions to learn more about this disorder and how this has changed his life.

Q. How did the gym and being in shape before your injury become key to your recovery?

A. The gym was already a big part of my life it was not a burden to use this for my recovery. My doctor informed me that if I were not in good shape, the chance of my survival from this trauma would not have been possible. Because of   the gym, it has kept me very healthy over the years and has allowed me to continue with my sports.

Q. What one piece of advice do you have for those facing an uphill battle?

A. To never quit. There is always room for improvement in their recovery. This thought will also help with their quality of life.

Q. Why share your story? What would you like listeners to realize?

A. This story will continue to motivate and inspire others. Many readers have told me that my words have encouraged them to continue their fight. Another reason to share this is to help people look at their life in a more positive way. My main purpose is to encourage others to never give up.

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