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January 3, 2020 – The power of manifestation is the hidden secret that many claim to have used to find success in all walks of life. The power of simply believing, envisioning and wanting the best things of life is the pre-requisite, as shown by the YouTube channel, YON WORLD.

YON WORLD was launched in 2014, and has steadily grown to capture the audience’s attention. The topics covered range from the Law of Attraction, e-commerce success and motivational videos. With over 2 Million views and a regularly growing subscriber base of over 20K followers, YON WORLD is a not-to-be-missed stream of ideas, insights and inspiration.

In a recent video, YON WORLD explores the idea of obsession and how it can change one’s destiny. For the new year, this concept is important, as the founder of YON WORLD explains: “Obsession is defined as a repetitive thought or action. Whatever you think about over and over will manifest in your reality. Good or bad. In 2020 we are moving into a thought manifestation reality.”

YON WORLD also features a popular music video, ‘We Family or We Nothing’. This song has captured the interest of many visitors. One of them reviews and says: “I found this song late, but I’m recommending it to everyone I know. Straight up fire, bruh. Edit: please make more.”

There is more dope for visitors in the form of information on Shri Chakra, a mystical ‘yantra’ diagram from India which is part of the Vidya school, and comprises nine interlocking triangles around a central point. The Shri Chakra is believed to keep negative energies at bay and bring in spiritual and material wealth.

Some other goodies on the YON WORLD include: Emery Smith interview on free energy, ET technology and Black Projects; the most effective brainwave entertainment; tips to monetize songs and music on SoundCloud; and reactions videos.

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