Newport Beach Oral Surgeons Use GPS To Lead the Nation in Dental Implant Technology

Newport Beach, CA is home of OC Housewives, fit people, and now GPS dental implants. As we all know technology improves exponentially these days thanks to computers, Artificial Intelligence, satellites, software, databases, and other key components of this revolutionary transformation of how we live. In the dentist industry, Orange County’s, Newport Oral Surgery, is leading the technology trend by introducing the first and only X-guide implant system in Newport Beach, CA.

Imagine spending significantly less time and money for one of the time-consuming processes currently required in dental implant surgery. Then imagine, having your implant inserted via virtual GPS? That is now a reality for any patient that has been considering a dental implant.

Newport Oral Surgery, a staple in Orange County for over 3 decades, and a reputation for utilizing state of the art procedures, is now led by the top reviewed oral surgeon in Orange County, Dr. Tom Michaelis. We recently spoke to Dr. Michaelis who told us the key reasoning for investing in this type of technology, “Our goal at Newport Oral Surgery is to deliver solutions that we believe will help our patients live a healthier and happier life. This new technology is an effect of that goal. We can now expand control of the implant like never, our x-guide system is designed to consistently elevate precision and control in my dental surgeries I perform. Think about how we navigate in our cars these days, we put our destination into Google or whatever, then it maps out the way there. Now take away the GPS and you would have to physically map how to get there. More importantly in this example, GPS can predict traffic and see road closures, etc. that would be impossible to gauge if you simply drew out your map. It is this type of efficiency and precision that we can now achieve in dental implants.”

Dr Michaelis compared it to “GPS for a drill” saying that in surgery, it allows him to control real-time movements of the drill and implant placement with remarkable precision – and uses the X-Point to navigate position, angle and depth.

X Point navigates position by integrating Cone Beam 3D which allows it to continuously control the exact placement of implant POSITION, ANGLE and DEPTH with X-Guide™ Dynamic 3D Navigation during live surgery.

Newport Oral Surgery is recognized as one of the top Oral Surgery centers in the Nation. Their pedigree includes over 230 cumulative years of medical/dental product experience. The Newport Oral Surgery team consists of advanced optical (Computed tomography) CT guidance scientists, dental/medical planning software experts, leading dental CBCT engineers and clinical and industry relation experts. By combining their expertise + passion they aim to advance patient care and improve doctor productivity. Developed in close collaboration with leading Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, the X-Guide system promises to deliver what today’s implant patients are looking for.

To further assure confidence in this next wave of technology, the X-Nav Technologies leadership includes part of the original team that brought i-CAT® and Cone Beam 3D imaging to the dental industry.

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