NORIMONOYA Labo Kit Car N1930 Retro Kit Car Launched on Kickstarter

This 1930s-inspired classical kit car for the modern era has been created by veteran innovators in Japan’s auto industry and car racing world

Kickstarter is today the launchpad for the N1930 NORIMONOYA Labo Kit Car, a Japanese-made kit car that blends the iconic design and experimental touch of 1930s cars with modern-day equipment and technology. Launched at <>, the NORIMONOYA Labo Kit Car has been created by NORIMONOYA and CJ-BEET to allow collectors and demanding drivers to “easily go back in time with this modern-day retro car that they can assemble and drive, being literally a dream come true,” as Mr. Asaaki Harimoto, one of NORIMONOYA Labo Kit Car’s developers said.

The developers of the N1930 highlight the detail-oriented approach that they used to create this classical kit car. “This is a very particular automobile that oozes charm precisely because its details are true to its origin”, Saburo commented, alluding to the fact that leaf spring has been used for the front wheel damping, among other design and building details that the car features.

From a technical and mechanical standpoint, the NORIMONOYA Labo Kit Car has a four-stroke engine with a displacement of 50CC-125CC, namely eyeing the fact that a small car equipped with a 50CC engine in Japan can be registered with the MiniCar license. The vehicle is fueled by gasoline, the tank supports up to 4L of fuel, and the manual transmission gearshift features one reverse and three forward gears.

The car’s startup mode is electric, it has left and right hub brakes and the maximum speed that it achieves is of about 40 kilometers/hour for the 50CC engine and about 60 kilometers/hour for the 125CC. 

“We’ve been hard and passionately at work for 3 years, working every day to create a classical kit car for tasteful and demanding collectors and admirers of the 1930s era. As car lovers ourselves, we knew we would accept nothing but an extraordinary vehicle,” Mr. Saburo commented, as he revealed the labor of love and dedication to the satisfaction of backers that this process has been infused by.

The NORIMONOYA Labo Kit Car campaign on Kickstarter at <> is seeking to raise ¥5,433,810 to fund the large-scale production of the car. Backers who support the campaign gain early and discounted access to the vehicle.

About NORIMONOYA and Yamaguchi Saburo

The NORIMONOYA Labo Kit Car N1930 is developed by NORIMONOYA, a Japanese company that specializes in the development and production of small cars and motorcycles. NORIMONOYA started as a motorcycle shop in the Setagaya area of Tokyo. Although it was a motorcycle shop, it developed many original parts and motorcycle products. MonkeyDavidson, CafeRacer, and SideCar are the masterpieces of NORIMONOYA, which are the pioneers of the popular Monkey modification. The company also invented Cypress, the prototype car of what came to be the popular MiniCar in Japan. This has made the news every week in various magazines and TV stations, and it should also be highlighted that the company’s CafeRacer and MonkeyDavidson were also rated as the best models by the Tokyo Motorcycle Show (7th, 8th, 9th) for three consecutive years.

Yamaguchi Saburo, NORIMONOYA’s Founder, has been a prominent member of the automotive industry. He has cooperated with Yamaha has also served as the president of the Nisshinbo Research Institute, a subsidiary of Nisshinbo. After retiring, he was invited by Mr. Zhang Ben, the president of CJ-BEET, to resurrect NORIMONOYA in the form of NORIMONOYA-Labo.

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