Dre Medici, The 19 Year Old CEO Known for Transforming Thousands of People’s Lives

Dre Medici, who is nineteen-years-old, is changing and transforming lives as a successful entrepreneur, coach, and consultant. With over fifty-thousand followers on social media, Medici is impacting thousands of lives each day with his insightful, practical, and impactful knowledge and expertise.

Medici, whose passion for leadership and drive as a successful entrepreneur has shined bright from an early age, began his first business at age eight by buying/ reselling limited edition sneakers. In high school, he resold tickets for concerts, sporting events, and parties to his classmates, and upon graduation launched his first true business, WOMP. Focused on athletes and body transformations, Medici generated over $100k in sales and helped hundreds of people transform their bodies and improve their physiques.

After growing WOMP for a year, Medici began an online course, “Good Life Express,” which was designed to teach people how to transform their bodies, their happiness, their social lives, and their incomes to achieve the best versions of themselves in the areas of love, health, wealth, and happiness. Attracting almost 1,000 members in its first two months, the course was an overnight success.

However, Dre began to realize the NEED and WANT for making money in the market. So recently he created a brand new business that has led his new students to generate $2,000 to $10,000 per month, turning their passion into their income directly from Instagram. After Dre realized that he personally turned his passion into income all through Instagram, he realized it was only right if he helped others do the same. After two months of bringing this life-changing opportunity to the market, he’s already landed over 200+ clients, who have already seen UNREAL RESULTS in their income and life! Dre considers himself an Instagram expert and has now proven himself once again. After taking his Instagram to the next level and becoming an expert on the platform, Medici pursued ways to share his secrets and lessons with people from all over the world. Dre provides business consulting, Instagram management providing his secret strategies, lead generation, and IG EXPERT Sales Closers for his high ticket clients. Dre now runs this current business with two partners, Arthur Caravellas and Michael Kollatz. Dre shares how he personally trained and guided them as students before deciding they were the perfect partners.

For Medici, everything to this point reflects his burning passion for business and helping others. The joy and pride he has gained from doing so motivate him to continue day in and day out on this mission, and he is looking forward to connecting with new clients each day.

To follow Dre Medici on Instagram, or to contact him for advice on taking your next step, please visit @dremedici on Instagram.

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