Celebration is showing why Nashville is still the best and most diverse music community in America.

Celebration Records LLC founder Mark Henes is a busy man.  As CEO of one of Nashville’s newest and most exciting independent record labels, he has spent the better part of 2019 assembling an all-star cast of industry insiders and introducing a diverse mix of artists to the Nashville music scene, all while planning the release of his own solo album.  When asked what keeps him motivated through this tireless work, his response is simple:  “A passion for building community instead of competition. Musicians and performers are a small group and we have to stick together. I lose sleep if my team, friends, and family do not succeed with their goals and purpose. My love for music is never ending.”

While there is no shortage of great indie labels in Nashville, what separates Celebration Records from the crowd is the sense of family, which transcends genre, gender, and race.  A quick glance at their roster reveals the depth of their diversity, with inspirational bilingual pop singers sitting beside gritty Americana troubadours and instrumental virtuosos.  The things that all these artists have in common is a dedication to their craft, and deepening their roots in the Nashville music scene.

Henes’ own versatility as a musician provides some insight into the ethos behind Celebration Records.  As a solo artist he has tackled old school country balladry, funky horn infused soul, and blistering punk.  He has also worked extensively in ambient meditative music, launching Osprey Music in 2011, becoming one of the pioneers of the binaural music phenomenon.  With such a burning passion for so many different things, launching an independent label was the next natural step.  Not only could he provide a home for his own various projects, he could also help to launch the careers of some of Nashville’s most forward thinking artists.

Nashville’s scene may be notoriously difficult to break into and stand out in, but Celebration prides itself accelerating artists’ careers so they can devote themselves fully to their music.  The musicians signed to the label are all at different stages of their careers but are brought together by the shared experience of trying to make a living in the increasingly complex modern music industry.  Celebration Records is committed to breaking down barriers between fans and artists, improving everyone’s overall experience by providing a true sense of community.

Henes and his cohorts are hitting their stride at the right time and they show no signs of slowing down any time soon.  With a slew of ground breaking new releases expected in 2020 and beyond, Celebration Records is poised to become one of the best gathering places of musical talent in Nashville.

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