Profile Resourcing Brings Outstanding Customer Service to the Recruitment Industry

Forward-Looking Recruitment Agency Established to Deliver Leading Levels of Customer Service

Milton Keynes, United Kingdom – Jan 3, 2020 – A Milton Keynes-based recruitment agency, Profile Resourcing, has established itself as a provider of affordable, highly-effective recruitment solutions to clients seeking to hire outstanding candidates.

Profile Resourcing was set up with the intention of streamlining the whole recruitment process, which can often be lengthy and convoluted. The company’s simpler and more logical approach to the industry, offers a fresh, original and innovative style, which is already making waves.

Profile Resourcing’s bold new take is emblematic of an industry-wide shift towards simpler and more effective recruitment solutions. This is largely due to company founder Andy Setterfield, an industry veteran with 15 years of experience, wanting to personally develop the most user-friendly and affordable recruitment solutions possible.

Fostering new ideas and new processes is currently an important issue in the recruitment industry, as studies show that employment practices are rapidly changing, with candidates becoming more likely to regularly switch jobs and seek more flexibility, so fresh perspectives are needed to meet these circumstances, and the challenges they provide.

Profile Resourcing is at the forefront of developing solutions to these issues, by pioneering new strategies which allow excellent candidates to be matched up with the most suitable jobs, meaning they are less likely to switch employers, and more likely to remain at the same place of work long enough to keep progressing their career and achieve further professional development. Similarly, employers are matched with the candidates who best fit their vacancy and can most benefit their business.

Profile Resourcing also offer an exciting package which includes a candidate search option, where they not only handle advertisement of the job, but also identify and contact ‘passive candidates’ who may be perfect for the role, but unaware of the opportunity.

This proactive, hands-on approach means that no excellent candidates slip through the net, and that employers and potential employees are all aware of one another.

Profile Resourcing’s emphasis on excellent customer service — as well as recruitment solutions that are transparent and cost-effective — are setting the standard for a new era of streamlined recruiting, happy employers and fulfilled employees.

About Profile Resourcing:

Profile Resourcing is a recruitment agency based in Milton Keynes, which was founded 15 years ago by Andy Setterfield. Profile Resourcing provide a simple and affordable selection of three individual recruitment packages, starting at just £199.

You can visit the team in person at their office address of:

Profile Resourcing Limited
Unit 3, Blackhill Drive
Wolverton Mill South, Milton Keynes
Buckinghamshire, MK12 5TS

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