GE Super Public Blockchain Fights Against Phenomena of Technology stagnation And Takes Public Blockchain to Its 3.0 Time

In a time of great revolution, reconstruction of society and great progress of technology result from complex market order that is based on establishment of personal economic freedom and political liberty. The world of today is shaped by the transformation of thoughts and human willpower.

Even though today social capital gathers faster than ever, with a hidden rule of “Pareto’s principle”, all social force is instructed “consciously” to achieve goals purposely chosen. Only a few can gain endless money, causing society to spinning in a circle.

Economic system of today restricts personal freedom to the most extent, gradually tearing down sense of responsibility of people and social ethical basis.  As a result, wealth growth is impeded, which leads to widespread poverty in society, even totalitarianism being thought higher of collectivism.

Little does anyone know that society is building a road to hell with citizens’ expectation of a way to heaven. All have gone on the road to be salves. Elements of disorderly turbulence and stiff thoughts of class have rotten in this century while humans become increasingly small in the process.

Over a decade ago, the innovation of blockchain were to give hope to human society. However, when facing stubborn social problems, freshly developed blockchain technology couldn’t cure from the origin. Cheating and chaos happen all the time with no sign to stop. Therefore, the primary blockchain technology is called “unfinished symphony.”

As to blockchain, we shouldn’t make the same mistakes as before. Genesis Ecology (GE) is born for all humanity, aimed to build a new world where the reality dimension has no bound anymore and all can trust each other.


In this new world, no one is a slave for money. All can see past any lies, people can truly believe and witness equivalent reward for efforts payed. It’s true understanding of value of being a human.

In the new world that GE builds, through its consentaneous algorithm, AKA common programme, all humanity can be connected, barrier of virtuality and reality can be overcome and all unfairness can be overturned.

The basis of the new world is the multi-chain double-level framework of GE super public blockchain. It is powerful, safe and quick to response. Each level uses different algorithms to achieve different goals. The first is to ensure safety and dispersibility of Internet, and the second high functionality of network.

The first level adopts NPOS, a new POS solution to choose which identifiers can take part in consistency protocol identification. NPOS mainly settles the problem that token allocation tends to be centralized due to Matthew Effect caused by block reward being positively correlated to Staking amount after old POS taking place. In short, NPOS is to solve the problem of unfair allocation that couldn’t be solved before by bringing out a fairer and more rational way.

The next level uses POS that is similar to NPOS conducted by GE-BFT algorithm. This high functional GE-BFT algorithm can make sure safety (tolerant of byzantium no more than one third of total nodes) while guaranteeing large handling capacity.

Due to its unique framework, GE public blockchain ground floor processes data at the speed of 15000TPS. With the help of data partition technology, the speed can increase to millions TPS. It’s more suitable for commercial system of all industry than 99% of blockchain programs existing in market.

Blockchain technology has been developing for more than a decade. Public blockchain is innovated from the development; it has gone past budding tiem Bitcoin and learnt from the exploration of Ethereum. It has progressed into 3.0 time. GE super public blockchain is born to introduce new technology that no one has seen for a while.

GE super public blockchain fights for the whole world instead of itself. It is to help realize humanity’s wish.

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