In reference to the traditional financial order, WORLD FINTECH DEFI SUMMIT – HONG KONG STATION is an unprecedented grand occasion

With the time marching on, the block chain industry is gradually entering the 3.0 era. Since ICO basically lost its financing capacity, DeFi has begun to rise and at the same time, the market has also changed, i.e., encrypted assets have become alternative investment assets allocated by funds. There is no doubt that DeFi is one of the hottest fields in 2019, and its vision is that all assets can be Token and freely traded on the global market.

I. GCA is working step by step on the road from quantitative change to qualitative change.

Following the December 12-13 conference at Blue Heyday, Jeju Myth Resort Hotel, South Korea, the second station of WORLD FINTECH DEFI SUMMIT – HONG KONG STATION which named by GCA was solemnly opened on December 30 at Shangri-La Hotel in Kowloon, Hong Kong, China. From South Korea in Northeast Asia to Hong Kong, the financial center in East Asia, the change is not only limited to the geographical location, but also the change and promotion of GCA’s global strategy, indicating the grand opening of GCA’s market layout in China.

As a result, in addition to inviting distinguished guests such as GCA Group Asia Sermon Ambassador DR.Nicholas khoo ka Hien, GCA Group CEO DR.Josh Holt, GCA Business School Dean DR.Daniel Ang, MX Team Chief Technology Officer and Sub-Controller DR.Sey Elliot, EC Team Chief Contract Planning and Risk Controller DR. Amit Sadhwani, HT Chief Technology Investment Adviser and Risk Controller DR.Anil Jason, Mr. Wang Fuzhong, the famous Chinese economist, doctor of economics, professor of the Central University of Finance and Economics and director of World Economics in China, was invited to give a speech to the conference, presenting a brand-new DeFi financial world to the public.

Hong Kong is one of the world’s four major financial centers, and DeFi is currently the hottest and most advanced financial technology in the world. The combination of the two is nothing but a drastic chemical reaction which will change the world, and coupled with the full support of GCA, the global digital asset group, this conference has gained a reputation in the global financial field. At the last South Korea conference, thousands of media around the world reported the grand occasion, especially by those from China, Britain, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam and other regions, causing a huge social discussion and concern.

We firmly believe that this Hong Kong Conference is bound to take the influence of WORLD FINTECH DEFI SUMMIT to a higher level, thus causing quantitative changes to qualitative changes and establishing GCA’s core position in the global financial field at one stroke.

II. It is the perfect combination of finance and technology, and GCA has handed over a satisfactory report card.

At 10:00 a.m. on December 30, the WORLD FINTECH DEFI SUMMIT – HONG KONG STATION kicked off with much expectation and solemnly announced its arrival to the world in the global financial center, Hong Kong. Josh Holt, Chief Executive Officer of GCA Group, was the first to take the stage to deliver an opening speech to the conference. Josh Holt said that any technology will follow a mature curve and this industry will inevitably experience high tide and low tide. For the current block chain industry, it may have just come out of the trough. After the launch of Libra and the increased attention paid by various countries to digital cash, as well as the industry’s experience of the last round of bubble period, the development of the block chain is on the way and has entered a solid promotion period. DeFi is a perfect combination of block chain and finance, and is likely to be a big opportunity for the next decade. The ultimate goal of this conference is to let more people know and pay attention to DeFi and jointly promote the global development of DeFi.

Following Josh Holt’s opening speech, Professor Wang Fuzhong, a well-known Chinese economist and doctor of economics, brought a heavyweight share of “Block Chain Technology Revolution and Encrypted Currency Investment” to the conference. Professor Wang believes that DeFi’s future prospects are immeasurable. Due to the characteristics such as low entry threshold, reliability, transparency and openness, no rival risks, low cost, combinability, programmability of DeFi, DeFi is a financial technology method that is most likely to realize inclusive finance. Specifically, inclusive refers to everyone’s participation and low cost, and finance refers to real, fair and effective utility and risk exchange.

After the theory, the three major trading teams of MX, HT and EC brought professional keynote speeches, which showed the conference participants in detail the methods of entrusted trading and arbitrage trading in digital cash. Not only limited to theory, not limited to the upper structure, this is the purpose of the conference, as well as the guiding ideology of GCA.

And by combining theory with practice and grafting finance with technology, GCA not only handed over its own perfect examination paper, but also walked out of its own unique road, making it difficult for others to match.

III. Boldness determines the pattern, and GCA proves its strength and value with actions.

In the afternoon conference, the “Key to Success in Financial Analysis of Digital Asset Transactions” brought by Daniel Ang, Dean of GCA Business School, aroused strong interest from the participants on the scene. Daniel Ang believes that DeFi is currently mainly used in six fields: currency issuance, global payment, mortgage lending, token financing, asset transaction and savings and financial management. How to scientifically and reasonably evaluate the value of digital cash is extremely critical. Smart investors mainly weigh the value of digital assets from four fields, i.e., technology, application, ecology and users.

Later, the introduction and sharing of GCA Group brought by the gold medal lecturer and GCA Group Asian sermon ambassador DR.Nicholas khoo ka Hien fully verified Daniel Ang’s thinking theory. There is no doubt that GCA is a value asset that perfectly fits from the bottom technology to commercial applications and from the five major ecology to global users. However, it is not only that, GCA also has financial licenses from the United States, Australia and some other countries, as well as fund licenses from Cayman and Singapore.  It is legal and compliant, and supported by a strong operation team, since its establishment, its users have spread all over the world within just a few months, and this development speed depends on the full support of its technology and ecology.

From the very beginning of its establishment, GCA has set its eyes on the world and is committed to becoming a global digital asset management group. It is really beyond the capability of ordinary people to use digital assets to change traditional finance and the old world order. Not only its boldness, but also its strong  executive capabilitywhich is so strong that every one admires it.Only half a month apart, GCA held global conferences in South Korea and China to send its financial voice to the world. This requires boldness as well as strong strength.

No matter how many words are spoken, it is in vain. GCA uses actions to tell the world that it is impossible to obtain strength and value through imagination. Only action is the only criterion for testing value. And GCA represents power as well as value. 

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