17 Year Old Antarjyot Singh Tries to Revolutionize the Music Industry

Read about this teen entrepreneur’s journey in the digital media sector. Also, discover his accomplishments and plans for the industry

Antarjyot Singh, one of the most successful entrepreneurs today, proves that age can never stop anyone from achieving dreams and becoming successful. Currently, he is writing a book that talks about his challenging yet colorful journey as a teen entrepreneur. The said book will be releasing in March 2020. He is also the CEO and Founder of Musards, a fast-growing online streaming platform and app.

From the book Antarjyot Singh is writing, everyone will learn about his entire entrepreneurial journey. Apart from launching many successful projects, he has also been invited as a speaker at many conferences and events. It’s no surprise why Musards continues to dominate the digital media industry.

Singh started his entrepreneurial journey when he was only 13. He even developed a social network that was exclusive to his school. Despite the failure of his first project, he continues creating more projects like an e-commerce platform, tech blogs, and various utility apps.

In 2016, Musards started as an alternative app, where users could download songs for free. This platform employed a hybrid revenue stream but never relied on a subscription or fee-based revenue model.

In late 2017, Musards was revamped on Blockchain, and the company launched its latest beta app in early 2018. Currently, Musards plans to relaunch both their app and website to promote mainstream usage.

Musards is among the most loved online music streaming platforms. From the app, users can receive rewards based on the engagement within the platform. The app/platform has more than 50,000 community members and has gained partnerships with hundreds of artists.

Both the team and the advisory board of Musards is composed of the best of the best from the copyright and music industry. Unlike other music streaming apps, Musards caters to every party so that independent artists can earn the revenue they deserve.

About Antarjyot Singh:

Antarjyot Singh is a young and successful entrepreneur. As a young entrepreneur, he also faced some obstacles and was also once denied entry to a conference because of his age. But instead, he uses this factor to his advantage. He is also the CEO and Founder of Musards, which is an online audio entertainment platform that allows users to download songs for free while earning rewards based on engagement. Users can also use Musards to buy official merchandise of the artists or tip their favorite content creator.

For more information about Musards, please visit https://musards.org/, or email at  [email protected] to signup for updates.

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