Ali Edgar Introduces A New Paradigm To The World of Copywriting – NeuroCopy™️ Framework Is All About Being Able To Appeal To The Ideal Client’s Subconscious Through Copywriting

Ali Edgar Introduces A New Paradigm To The World of Copywriting - NeuroCopy™️ Framework Is All About Being Able To Appeal To The Ideal Client’s Subconscious Through Copywriting
Ali introduces the NeuroCopy™️ Coaching Course – Learn how to write copy that connects with the “buying brain” so you can sell with confidence in just 45 days. This course combines brain science and copywriting in a 45-day intensive copy coaching
course to help online entrepreneurs grow their sales copy skills.

Burleigh Heads, Australia – January 6, 2020 – Developing a website and adding copy does nothing in the way of creating a high conversion rate. In fact, this simple approach is often the first step taken by all new online entrepreneurs. It doesn’t take long before they realize that things are not going as they had hoped. In this digital age, writing good copy is not enough to ensure success. It must be outstanding copywriting using the latest techniques, including brain based NeuroMarketing techniques. 

It makes perfect sense to not reinvent the wheel. Circumvent the copywriting learning curve by learning what Ali Edgar has discovered and proven many times over. She is a world class copywriter that learned how to employ the latest NeuroMarketing concepts. Ali has helped many clients to become successful whereas they were floundering around before. Now she is offering the innovative NeuroCopy™️ Coaching Course. 

Most people do not know that there is a whole field of research dedicated to figuring out how peoples brains respond to messaging called NeuroMarketing. NeuroMarketers research how we understand, think, feel, engage, and ultimately become persuaded by a message. 

Ali started studying NeuroMarketing to up her copy game and give her clients the edge… to hit home at a deeper level with their ideal clients and increase conversions to grow their businesses.

From applying these techniques and the success she saw with her client’s copy, she developed The NeuroCopy™ Framework’s four pillars:   

  • Know: Vital to writing copy that deeply connects. Really getting to know your company, competition and ideal clients in detail using her Connection Copy Framework. 
  • Visuals: Using the right visuals appeals to the subconscious first, making your reader feel the right things while getting their attention, fast. 
  • Copy: Applying a range of proven NeuroMarketing techniques to get your reader’s attention. 
  • Proof: Presenting a number of different kinds of social proof to connect with your reader’s emotions.  

According to Harvard Professor Gerald Zaltman, up to 95% of purchasing decisions are made by the subconscious. Imagine being able to appeal to your ideal client’s subconscious with your copy.

The NeuroCopy™️ Coaching Course will help you achieve results you have only dreamed of.

You’ll not only learn how to use NeuroCopy™️ techniques, but also walk away with a finished piece of copy that you’ll work on during your time together with Ali.

 Here is a sampling of what you will learn: 

  • Feel confident when you think about writing copy.
  • Knowing you have the secret sauce to tap into the subconscious.
  • Writing brain-based copy that deeply connects with ease.
  • Being able to write warm, authentic copy in your own voice.
  • Being able to ask for the sale without being salesy.
  • Writing compelling copy that converts. 

Client Testimonials tell the story. Take a look at what Nicole di Cristofario of Divine Flow Energy Healing, had to say, “Through Ali’s support and what I’ve learned in her sales page course, I was able to write a great sales page for my membership community and I’ve actually had amazing success! I’ve enrolled many more students than I thought possible. This course helped me be really clear, focused, concise and authentic and real and connect with my audience.” 

This is what Rita Hyland, a Transformational Coach, had to say, “I really recommend that if you do need a copywriter, I encourage you to look for someone who knows how to speak in the way that the brain is persuaded. And that person is Ali.” 

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