New Real Estate Platform Offers the Keys to Better Real Estate Investment Decision Making

Zip Analyser ( is the first firm to provide current local market growth data and accurate local real estate forecasts to help real estate investors make smarter and more profitable decisions. We are opening up a whole new and different category of real estate market data, to help real estate investors today, and project future value, risk, and performance for tomorrow.

Over 10,000 hours of research, development and testing by the Zip Analyser technical team has produced predictive models that are unrivaled in the real estate industry. Zip Analyser has identified the 11 local leading economic indicators and demographic factors that most directly correlate with future property values. Back testing of the models has demonstrated a 98.1% accuracy for the 36-month property value forecasts. 

In addition to the comprehensive Real Estate Forecast reports, users can generate custom data-maps in real time and market intelligence reports based on user-selected variables for residential and commercial real estate investment analysis. This platform covers over 310,000 market locations in the United States and is available in an affordable, online format.

Previous risk models are antiquated, filled with false assumptions, do not take into account current local market growth conditions, and very inaccurate at the local market level, because these models focus on years of property data aggregation and large market only.  Real estate investors need accurate local predictive models, to properly assess tomorrow’s risk. Without knowing the future and what affects local markets, real estate investors are left uninformed and flying blind.

“Demographic, economic, and forecast data at the large city, metro market level, can have over a 300% error, compared to the hyper-local market data and forecasts,” say Zip Analyser founder and CEO Eddie Godshalk, “When investors understand the factors effecting the future value of a specific property, they are better informed on deciding what price they are willing to pay today, and planning for how they are going to manage the asset.”

Current extensive demographic and economic growth data means better investments with less risk.  With this personalized online and mobile technology at their fingertips, Real Estate professionals will be able to accurately predict changes in local markets, close more transactions, and boost investment potential.

“People often ask me why this cutting-edge software hasn’t been developed before,” says Nathan D George, PhD, UC Berkeley – Real Estate.  “The truth is that this technology is extremely hard to develop, and to build it independently takes many years of data aggregation.”  This is why Real Estate experts, such as the Founder of Peak Potentials, T. Harv Eker, have applauded Zip Analyser for being “the next giant step in property investment this century.”

The Zip Analyser platform is available at with affordable individual reports, and volume subscriptions available.  For additional information please visit or send an email to [email protected].

About ZipAnalyser

Zip Analyser offers Real Estate professionals in the United States an online data visualization and forecasting platform to access to the most current local demographic and economic growth data. The service is aimed at investors, businesses and risk managers looking to make smarter, location-based property decisions. The founder of the startup Eddie Godshalk has over 20 years of experience in the finance and Real Estate industry and has purchased more than 40 investment properties.  Being able to make informed decisions is the key to success in real estate, and having accurate local real estate forecasts is the key to informed and smarter decisions. Since such data did not exist, Eddie founded Zip Analyser to provide it.

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