Michelle Jewsbury Invited to Speak at Inspiration 2020 Tour

Jewsbury, Survivor of Domestic Violence, and Best Selling Author of “But I Love Him”, Invited to Speak on “How to Overcome Major Obstacles to Create Massive Success”.

Los Angeles, CA, USA – Michelle Jewsbury, international philanthropic, speaker and author of “But I Love Him”, has been invited to speak on the national speaker tour with Inspiration 2020. Jewsbury has been invited to share her expertise as a global breakthrough specialist, teaching her proprietary program, Overcoming Obstacles.

Jewsbury is a valuable asset in the speaking community. Her story of survival from domestic violence is being used to encourage and motivate others. Her best selling book, “But I Love Him” is a painful yet inspirational story of a strong, independent woman caught in the horrifying cycle of domestic violence, and how she got out.

Jewsbury is helping women all around the globe break the cycle of trauma and abuse. She is the founder of Unsilenced Voices, a nonprofit focused on inspiring change in communities, and has been approved by the Sierra Leone government as a leading resource.

Inspiration 2020 is a national business expo and workshop convention serving the small business community. Events will be held each month all throughout 2020 at a new location, beginning in Orlando, FL on January 29, and ending the year in Las Vegas on December 10th. Jewsbury is slated to speak at all 12 locations. Attendees will participate in an in-depth workshop mixing statistics, research and resources. Those who hear Jewsbury’s story will walk away with a newfound understanding about conquering obstacles and trauma, and how to build a new, healthier life.

The speakers at Inspiration 2020 are experts in their individual fields. Participants will learn how to achieve financial success, how to monetize their passion, launch, build and grow an even more successful business and life.

“You cannot expect to become an industry leader if you continue to use outdated methods to generate income. Those methods no longer work and when you attend the Inspiration 2020 conference you will be introduced to vendors and workshops to help bring you into the new decade with the best learning and success systems,” says the organizers of Inspiration 2020.

For FREE event tickets to hear Michelle Jewsbury speak, visit www.inspiration2020.com.

To learn more about Unsilenced Voices, and to begin your journey of Overcoming Obstacles, visit www.unsilenced.org.

About Michelle Jewsbury

Michelle Jewsbury is an international philanthropic, speaker and author who is traveling the world as an advocate for the less fortunate. She is known for her acclaimed one-person show “But I Love Him”, which has been turned into a memoir about her personal experience in an abusive relationship. Michelle Jewsbury also formed Unsilenced Voices to specifically open up the conversation about domestic violence. Unsilenced Voices educates the public about abuse laws while working to shift the cultural mentality to keep silent.

To learn more about Unsilenced Voices visit their website at www.unsilencedvoices.org.

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