2020 ASEAN Digital Economy Expedition Tour and Winner Dynasty Group Year-end Honor Ceremony Was Successfully Held in Thailand

2019 is over, and the year 2020 has arrived. At the just-concluded annual honor gala of Winner Dynasty Group, families from all over the world have gathered here to celebrate the New Year.

2020 ASEAN Digital Expedition Tour And Winner Dynasty Group Year-End Honor Ceremony was successfully held in Bangkok on December 31,2019. The organizer of this conference, Winner Dynasty Group, has always been a pioneer and practitioner of strength and technology. This conference brought experts from the field of global blockchain and industry elites together. It has become a highlight in the eyes of many people in the field.


It was highly valued by the royal and military government of Thailand,which invited the Prince of Thailand, Jarunpong Jaroonroj, and Prachara Chaivudhi, the Admiral Of The Ministry of Defense, Dato’Sri Liow Soon Hee, the Chairman of Winner Dynasty Group, Mr. Li Guozhi, Co-founder of Winner Dynasty Group and DATO Danny Lee, CEO of Winner Dynasty Group.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Dato’ Sri Liow wrote a message for the Yun Family in the ceremony, I must not to forget my origin that give back to society. I must actively assume social responsibility as well as help those in need more, he said.

No matter  how to develop blockchain industry to build a hundred-year-old group, or decades as a day to do charity, a great enterprise is inseparable from a sense of responsibility and the spirit of the times.


The Chairman Of Winner Dynasty Group, Dato’ Sri Liow Soon Hee Wishs.

Nowadays, the blockchain industry is booming. Mr.Park, Co-founder of the Ether Fund and CEO of the Winner Dynasty Group in China blockchain, delivered a keynote speech on the ETF blueprint, with sharp and precise words that made guests clap their hands tonight. 

The blockchain business architect, Mr.Zhao brought the topic sharing of blockchain industry development trends, which is based on blockchain technology development and started the new blockchain journey of Winner Dynasty Group.  He not only is a blockchain enterprise application expert, but also a digital asset angel investor.

In no time, MS.Yodarnos Mussie brought a lecture on the creation of blockchain cities by WDG Winner Dynasty Group, a group invested in SEDI. MS.Yodarnos Mussie is a regional director of the African financial institution for socio-economic development as well as a adviser to Pkos limited for African development.

After an wonderful speech, Dr Jowin, the CTO of Winner Dynasty Group and Ms. Yodarnos Mussie as representatives participated in the signing ceremony between WDG Winner Dynasty Group and Sedi. Dato Danny Lee, CEO of Winner Dynasty Group, and the COO-Billy Lee of Winner Dynasty group witnessed jointly the strategic cooperation between WDG Winner Dynasty Group and SEDI.

YUN Family  from all over the world presented a variety of performances later. Luo Lian of the Red Flag Team performed “Good Luck”. Zhang Ying of the Huang Guiguo team, sang “I Love You China”. Liu Wenqiang from the Xiliang Army Group sang a song that calls”365 Blessings”,while Zhang Zhihua, the executive director of Chen Chen’s group, brought YUN Family a “Catwalk Show” and Xia Yuerong of Chen’s group, performed “Applause “. Han Yongyong, the executive director of the Liangjian Team, sang “Let’s Walk Along This Road Together”. Next,Li Xiaodan of Jia Yuan’s team sang “The Love from Soon Hee. Liu Chaoying’s team brought an inspirational dance that”don’t think you’re useless”.The last one is “A Grateful Heart” by Chen Chen and Wang Xiumei.


The ceremony ended triumphantly with joy and emotion eventually, which was not only a visual feast, but also an inspiration of thought. The consensus lets Yun Family together guiding the confused people. On the one hand, Winner Dynasty Group lights up a light for the lost family to bring them new lives. On the other hand, it opens a door of new blockchain world for the Yun Family.

Do not forget your heart to forge ahead! The achievements of the Winner Dynasty Group depend on the YUN Family. These five years of so full support and love that the Group can step by step to today. Appreciate this way with Yun family! 

In 2020, Winner Dynasty Group will be committed to develop the blockchain ecology to a higher level. It will improve the industry, help the blockchain industry to get rid of the bad and keep the good, develop economy to create a healthy growth and investment environment for quality projects and investors.  What ‘s more, the Group will lead the industry in the future and Yun Family will welcome a better prospect together in 2020! There’s no doubt that 2020 is the year to settle all for Winner Dynasty Group.

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