Auditions for Inclusive Children’s Musical Theater Program in Dumont

Auditions for Inclusive Children’s Musical Theater Program in Dumont

Erin Calev, owner of EMC Studio of Fine Arts in Dumont, NJ boldly provides:

  • a high-quality musical theater program for children and teens, 

  • a safe place for kids to be their unique selves and 

  • affordable options for parents of all income levels.

Can’t afford to pay tuition? Parents can work off full or partial tuition for EMC’s musical theater programs by selling ads for the Playbills. “I want kids to be able to participate,” says Ms. Calev.

What’s next on the musical theater agenda? The Wizard of Oz! Show dates are April 24, 25 and 26, 2020. Lead roles will go mostly to kids aged 12-14. Children ages 8 and up can participate. Registration and auditions will be held on January 3, 4, and 5, 2020.

“The kids are already asking about what our summer production is going to be,” says Calev.

Last summer, EMC Studio of Fine Arts did a children’s production of Shrek and received accolades from not only parents, but also children’s doctors for how well the experience broke shy and socially challenged kids out of their shells. Kids who had trouble making friends found camaraderie in the rehearsal rooms and on that stage.

Ms. Calev, a life-long musician and Dumont resident is pursuing a degree in psychology so that she can move even closer to her personal motto. Music is more than learning to sing or play an instrument. It’s an expression of self. Ms. Calev studies psychology to further understand the young humans she and her staff teach at the Bergen County School for Theatre, Music, and Dance, EMC Studio of Fine Arts

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