Searching in the morning bell and twilight drum of spinulose tree fern in Gaoxian County

Travel is a process of releasing the soul to pursue beauty, and a destination with enough knowledge and history will make the journey more full and deeper. If you are a person with a spirit of exploration, then Hongyan scenic spot in Shengtian Town, Gaoxian County, Sichuan Province is one of the travel places you should not miss. There, you can walk slowly along the thousand-year-old road, you can listen to the morning bells and twilight drums of the ancient temple, and you can feel the speed of your heart beating around the Sanskrit sound. Under the whirling shadow of trees, with mountain waterfalls, birds and insects sing, showing the authenticity of life incisively and vividly.

The scenic spot is located in the southern edge of Sichuan Basin and the Shengtian Hongyan Mountain in the north of Gaoxian County, which is called “North Hongyan Mountain” by the people of Gaoxian County. Hongyan Mountain is Danxia landform, the rock color is all red, whose total area ismore than 40 square kilometers; forest coverage is nearly 80%, which is one of the concentrated distribution areas of primeval forests in southern Sichuan. Here, there is the largest living fossil of plants in southwest China – spinulose tree fern sea, which is contemporary with dinosaurs. The number of pinulose tree fern is as high as 100,000. Among them, Malan ditch, Liumi Lake, Xujiagou and other places are the most dense. Malan Gully has more than 40,000 pinulose tree fern, which is known as “Pinulose Tree Fern Sea”. It is one of the most attractive scenic spots in Shengtian Hongyan Mountain Scenic spot.

Photo provided by Yu Jianhua

Spinulose tree fern is a representative of relict plants, and it is a precious protected species left over from the Cretaceous period. It is the only woody fern left today. It appeared more than 300 million years ago, 150 million years earlier than dinosaurs. It is called a living fossil and is praised as the “king of ferns”.

Walking into the sea of spinulose tree fern, spinulose tree fern or twos and threes hug each other, or stand alone, especially quiet in the sun. Occasionally, a light breeze blows, spinulose tree fern sways posture, setting off bursts of green waves. Walking under the tree, looking up at the sky through the thin leaves, you suddenly feel relaxed and happy, the world of mortals is far away, noisy troubles are gone, and the fresh air makes you have to take a deep breath greedily. Beautiful tree shadow, always let you can not stop looking, always let you put your feet up, always let you surprise again and again, dizzying, perhaps they are the most vivid interpretation of the situation at this time.

Photo provided by Yu Jianhua

In the spinulose tree fern sea, the sound of the camera shutter is particularly clear, and few people speak loudly, because in this quiet environment, any small sound will become superfluous noise and destroy the intoxicating beauty of the calm sea. Just as a breeze can wrinkle a lake and a fallen leaf can cause ripples. Patches of spinulose tree fern, are evergreen all the years, and people can not see the rings, but also can not see the vicissitudes of life; even if silent, it can still make groups of uninvited guests dazzled.

Cruising the spinulose tree fern sea gives people a sense of space-like travel and light-year-like speed. Close your eyes, smart thinking opens the door of history, quietly through the 100 million years of time tunnel, talking to dinosaurs, and dancing with spinulose tree fern…. A strong dream, scenes of bright flash, hot flow in the heart. The Carboniferous was the era when ferns dominated the world, and so many green ferns of the fern family withdrew together with their plants because of changes in the paleo-ecological environment, and eventually became fossils or coking coal. This tranquil valley at the foot of North Hongyan Mountain has somehow obeyed the fate and served as a refuge for spinulose tree fern for the rest of its life. If not, how can I look at them and smile here today?

Photo provided by Yu Jianhua

Walking along the Liumixi trail, there are mountains covered with green bamboos and gurgling streams on both sides, allowing people to slow down and return to nature after a fast-paced life. Walking under the waterfall, feeling the natural anion oxygen bar, forgetting the complicated things, and completely indulging in the scenery along the road can be regarded as a great enjoyment of life. At that moment, one does not know how deep the valley is and how long the stone steps are. One only feels that I am walking in the direction of the Carboniferous period, to the space where the dinosaurs are, and to the origin of the beginning of chaos. Because in this valley, there are more than 100,000 spinulose tree fern with infinite vitality, facing them, just like a group of giants and heroes coming from the mythological era.

Calm down and speculate carefully about the wonders of Danyan, such as Longpan Huju, Tianma Changming, Nianhua bergamot, monkey-playing pine, and so on, and witness the magic of “Rong Ti uniting, harmonious symbiosis”. Accustomed to the exquisite life of the city, here every day one will be shocked by nature, in the face of the original streams, trails, and old trees, hardness during travel, the bumpy, and even embarrassment are gone; here, every moment is actually wonderful.

Photo provided by Yu Jianhua

If you are hungry, feel free to go to the farmyard in the architectural style of folk houses in southern Sichuan to taste authentic farm dishes, such as Shengtian pork, old rice cured meat, wind turnip radish and stewed pork feet, bean blossoms, and fresh vegetables, which will certainly give you a big appetite and have a good time to eat? If tired, you can walk slowly to Liumi Temple, overlooking the pastoral scenery, to listen to the morning bell and twilight drum, taste far-away story. Walking along the thousand-year-old road, enjoying the beautiful scenery all the way, the canyon is deep, the strange rocks are towering, the clouds and smoke are wonderful, the streams are surging, the green is verdant, and the ancient rhyme is leisurely, realizing the beauty of this whirling shadow for thousands of years while walking.

Admittedly, everyone has their own pursuit of life, some people like to eat and sleep on the road, enjoying the life of the stars and the moon, what they encounter along the way is a surprise to them. Some people like to pursue different experiences, which may be the adventurous challenges of sea surfing or deep diving, high-altitude gliding or parachuting, or the quiet and comfortable mountains of gurgling streams and insects and birds… The meaning of travel is to go to a strange distance to find another self in the world, or to escape from the hustle and bustle of reality and let everything go back to zero, or the restlessness of the future and the struggle under the pressure of reality? No matter what it means to you, don’t forget why you started.

Life does not give us the opportunity to indulge, but the restlessness in our hearts will summon us to move on at any time.

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