Templar Fund Earns 0.270% in Previous 10 Day Trade Period

Templar Fund Earns 0.270% in Previous 10 Day Trade Period

Today the Templar Fund announced earnings of 0.270% during the previous 10-day trade cycle. Every $100 invested on November 21, 2018 is now worth $160.20 on January 04, 2020. 

The Templar Fund is a privately-managed Bitcoin Hedge fund that publishes the entirety of its trade records for public consumption and audit, as well as comprehensive fund performance reports every 10 days.

The Templar Fund welcomes clients from any jurisdiction, as it is not subject to FATCA or reporting requirements.  There are also no minimum deposit requirements.  To protect their anonymity & account security, clients only need to provide an e-mail address to create a free trade account.

The Templar Fund is a private market making trading desk that provides liquidity service to the Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange. To achieve this they operate a Wall Street grade trading array system. The process of market making is simple and low risk: a market maker provides volume-based orders that are evenly distributed on both sides of the exchange order book.

Profit is achieved in two ways: (1) the payment of maker fees by users of the exchange and (2) the spread of position value. Client funds are traded as a single liquidity block and are comingled with all Templar Fund assets during trade cycles. Clients are not responsible for the creation or maintenance of their own trading accounts, and therefore, are not subjected to KYC or FATCA reporting requirements. This also permits USA clients to participate. The Templar Fund is operational and supervised 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. 

The Templar Fund also has curated a comprehensive library of resources for any potential client with little or no experience with Bitcoin or currency trading.  This library also includes a 30-minute easy-to-understand webinar that provides comprehensive detail about the inner operations of the Templar Fund.  In addition, videos about Bitcoin basics, the process of market making and how to understand trade reports are available for potential clients.

Templar Fund clients receive complete trade reports every 10 days and are provided a custom trading account statement every 30 days or upon request.

For more information and to download this period’s trade report please visit: templar.fund

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