Empire Research launches their website with a series of articles

Empire Research launches their website with a series of articles

Innovative financial news resource, Empire Research, announces the launch of their new website with articles on recession and 2020 economic outlook

Empire Research is a community of individuals looking to help members build sovereignty and lasting wealth. In line with the organization’s goal of making quality financial and economic news and information available to as many people as possible as they look to achieve financial stability and make their portfolio “recession-proof,” Empire Research has launched their user-friendly website.

One of the goals pursued by virtually everyone regardless of their age, race, or gender is financial freedom or at least financial stability. However, not everyone has been able to achieve this goal. While some have been lucky to get it right at the first attempt, others have not been so lucky and have continued to struggle to meet their financial obligations. There is a popular notion, which by the way is absolutely correct, that time and information is everything in investment. Unfortunately, these two are readily available to individuals and even investors, especially newbies. Consequently, lots of people end up losing their hard-earned money and ultimately fail to meet their goals. This is where Empire Research is looking to change the narrative by availing people with the latest financial market news and investing tips to help them make the best possible decision.

Empire Research and the entire community cover a wide range of topics across different subjects, including Macroeconomy, Personal Finance, Investing, Recession Indicators, and a host of other categories. The categories of information provided on the website are divided into personal finance, US economy, global economy, digital currencies, credit cards, investing, and breaking news, offering a comprehensive wealth building and financial literacy resource to all categories of users.

Some of the articles recently posted on the site include “Will there be a 2020 recession?” “7 Hidden Recession Indicators,” and “The Big Short Portfolio!” The comprehensiveness of the content on the website as well as their user-friendliness, breaking down the jargon that often scares people away and using easy-to-understand terms make Empire Research the ideal wealth building and management platform.

For more information about Empire Research and the plethora of resources available on the site, please visit – https://empireresearch.net/.

About Empire Research

Empire Research started off in July 2017 as a relatively small YouTube channel by Jameson Brandon, otherwise known as Crypto Junkies. The channel focused on documenting Jameson’s journey starting into Cryptocurrencies, with his initial investment of $10,000 USD and how he grew his portfolio to just over $320,000. After some rough times in the digital currency market, Jameson rebranded and launched Empire Research to help others build their own empire by sharing “the secrets” to financial intelligence and wealth building.

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