BLAKBOT’s new LP Analog Dreams is the perfect dance music album for the new year

BLAKBOT, a dance music collective composed of Kenyatta Scott, DJ Donne, and U.K.’s DAZ-I-KUE, has released their latest LP titled “Analog Dreams” featuring Dance music tracks that set the perfect party mood for the beginning of the year 2020. Two singles from the album released on 12/27/19 are already gaining huge popularity in the UK and being played by top DJs and producers internationally. Analog Dreams is a Dance music suite with songs ranging from House, Detroit techno to Salsa, Samba to Rock, Funk and more. The two singles Smile Part I & II and Detroit After Dark are also available on YouTube.

BLAKBOT aims to advance dance music into the 21st century by combining electronic sounds with traditional soulful, funky and Jazz elements. With their unique sound, the band stands out while joining the rich heritage of American Soul and Dance music. In fact, the idea to create the BLAKBOT project was born in 1994, when Kenyatta was working as a session musician with Dallas Austin’s production of Joi’s neo-soul album The Pendulum Vibe.

“We recorded the album in three weeks with producer Dallas Austin at D.A.R.P. Studios in Atlanta. There was also a very special and sort-of-secret side project that we worked on during those sessions as well that was never released- it was the C.A.J.E. Project– a passion project for him; it was serious jazz/ funk, but with authentic hip hop sensibilities. I never forgot the energy, sound, and the tight- trigger tempos of those few demo tracks we recorded. That sonic memory is what spurred the idea for The BLAKBOT Project”, says Kenyatta Scott.

BLAKBOT was formed in 2008 before it was reformed in 2013 when Kenyatta became music production partners with Parris Starchia, and together they started the arduous task of writing, producing, recording, arranging and mixing music, along with U.K. producer Daz-I-Kue. BLAKBOT’s new LP Analog Dreams is their dream project that allows the band to adapt to many genres of music including Techno Funk, Rock Funk, R&B, Hip-Hop and more.

BLAKBOT plans on remaining independent as artists. “We embrace the new music business dynamic, and are well-positioned to take full advantage of any and all opportunities that present themselves internationally!” adds Kenyatta.

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