2020 Industrial Predictions Featured in December Manufacturing Outlook e-Zine

2020 Industrial Predictions Featured in December Manufacturing Outlook e-Zine

Industrial journalist, TR Cutler predicted 2020 manufacturing trends in the December issue of Manufacturing Outlook e-zine. According to Cutler, most manufacturers are still at very early stages of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) machine learning, especially in business applications and 2020 machine learning will be more clearly explained with broader analytics and become better-defined with value creation. Even the small manufacturers will look for access with connected overall analytic strategies and transformation optimizing.

2020 analytics quality and value metrics will become the mainstream KPIs to guide future analytics, AI (Artificial Intelligence) development, and technology investment. 

RPA (Robotics Process Automation) and Cognitive Process Mining will become even more important for both back office accounting and functions (sales, marketing, product development) to drive more efficient process execution as well as optimizing; totally changing how these processes will function in the future.

The 2020 buzz of Pricing Optimization, CPQ (Configure Price Quote), Digital Transformation, and Visual Commerce will all be driven by the D2C (Direct to Consumer) channel. Only when manufacturers leverage both objective data and analytics-driven insights, concurrent with human intuition will the promise of these technologies be realized. No longer can industry rely on tribal knowledge and a hunch. 2020 and beyond is a human data-driven process driving the best of lean manufacturing principles and eliminating waste and speculation.

About Jacket Media: 

Jacket Media is the parent company of Manufacturing Outlook e-zine. Lewis Weiss is the founder and President of Jacket Media, the parent media company which produces the flagship program Manufacturing Talk Radio, as well as The WAM Podcast (Women And Manufacturing) with host Frances Brunelle, Where’s Willie, Full Time with Amy Nicklaus, and Manufacturing Matters with Cliff Waldman.

Weiss, best known as the host of Manufacturing Talk Radio, the leading industrial podcast for the past six years, with more than 400 guests and more than a million downloads, has gained wide respect and audience.

Through these varied and innovative media vehicles Jacket Media recently entered into a formal strategic alliance with manufacturing journalist, Thomas R. Cutler, founder of the 7000-member Manufacturing Media Consortium and is also the CEO of TR Cutler, Inc. 

In 2020 this partnership will allow aggressive cross-promotion of the content throughout all Jacket Media channels. Aggressive PR and social media campaigns will broaden the audience, positioning Jacket Media to a top leadership role in telling the fascinating stories and news of manufacturers and capturing industrial trends and outlooks in real-time.  

Additionally, there will be a new in-depth sponsorship program introduced in early 2020 allowing thought leaders a regular contribution format and comprehensive communication channels to review products, people, trade shows, events, and trends.  Customer profiles will prove especially important keeping the challenge of manufacturing today and the corresponding solutions in front of all Jacket Media readers and listeners.


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