Get Fitt Introduces Far Infrared Light Therapy Sauna Technology for Full Body Detoxification

Get Fitt Introduces Far Infrared Light Therapy Sauna Technology for Full Body Detoxification

Hertfordshire, UK – Get Fitt has added Far Infrared Light Therapy Saunatotheir list of services. This cutting-edge health solution is now part of the company’s detoxification programmes, designed to treat those suffering from systemic pain, fatigue, fibromyalgia, and also those affected byheavy metal, chemical, pesticide and mould toxicity.

Get Fitt is committed to restoring people’s personal health and wellbeing. Since 2004, the team has offered their detoxification programmes to clients suffering from arthritis, fatigue, Lyme disease, mould toxicity, Fibromyalgia and heavy metal toxicity.

The founder of the company, Mark Givert, realised the importance of meditation for good health and also combined this with the use of the Far Infrared. He made it his goal to introduce this health programme to the people in the UK suffering from toxic overload and cell damage.

The FarInfrared treatments come in several packages, designed to accommodate all types of clients.An extensive list of their services can be found on their website at On their products page, Get Fitt details more information about their offerings, such as theGet Fitt Eco System. This eco range is their most popular service, as it helps with electromagnetic stress as a result of daily interaction with phone and computer technology.

Mark Givert assures new clients of the benefits of the Eco System to help alleviatethe now prevalent electromagnetic stresses that are common in everyday life. Some of the other products available are the Far Infrared Sauna Cocoon System, Portable Far Infrared Sauna Go System, the Mobi Far Infrared Car Seat, and the Soma Professional Far Infrared Mat. With so many options to choose from, Get Fitt makes it easy for clients to prioritise health in their lives.

Get Fitt is adamant about their stance on toxins: the company believes that people are constantly being exposed to harmful chemicals, and that these chemicals are negatively effecting quality of life, mental and physical health, and growth.

Get Fitt is committed to not only treat the symptoms of illness but findingand addressing the root causes of the health problems and targeting it through Far Infrared treatment. The company believes the body can heal itself, and it strives to provide products that jumpstart the recovery process. More information about Get Fitt can be found on the company’s official website.

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