Can Cryptocurrency Trading Step Further? World’s First PoB Exchange Boboo Exchange To Sweep The Industry

2019, a choppy year for blockchain, has witnessed the ebb and flow experienced by the industry. This year, along with ups and downs driven by significant events, the Bitcoin bulls and bears fight in a fierce manner; this year, the white paper of Libra debuted, igniting flames of passion in global cryptocurrency circle, while the following progress was not so smooth; this year, China proposed to strain every nerve to vigorously develop blockchain technology, while the severe hit became of the cryptocurrency trading market, out of a clear sky, later; this year, the crypto exchange Boboo, the world’s first “PoB (Proof of Behavior)” trading platform, was officially rolled out and bends itself to escort global users’ blockchain-based asset investments by relying on professional and accurate advisory services, rich and diverse product matrix, as well as quality and efficient asset allocation.

1. Blockchain-Powered Financial Platform to Drive Application of Blockchain

As a representative of cutting-edge crypto exchanges, Boboo, founded in 2019, is forged jointly by CoinNess, the largest blockchain-related financial service platform in Asia, top investors, and technical leads. The core team consists of sophisticated talents from well-known Internet companies, including Microsoft, Alibaba, and Qihoo 360, and blockchain financial companies such as Huobi and OKEx. They are committed to enabling people across the globe to participate in digital asset investment impartially and make digital assets a new asset allocation mode while promoting the application of quality blockchain projects, and making contributions to the development of the blockchain industry.

2. Build the First PoB Consensus and Share Profits with Customers

PoB stands for “Proof of Behavior,” a development pattern designed by Boboo which advocates users to “contribute to the platform together and split profits together.” All contributive behaviors of users like registration, real-name authentication, inviting others to register with Boboo, and regular tradings will be recorded and transformed to proportional hashrate as a method for users to share the profits, thus encouraging them to make sustained contributions to the platform. Boboo expects more people to join this cause and will give back contributors more rewards.

3. Aim for the Highest Liquidity Among All Exchanges to Provide Great User Experience

Liquidity represents how dynamic an exchange is. Higher liquidity will ensure the asset price moves naturally, and orders can be closed at best prices and in the shortest time. Conversely, lower liquidity not only means more time it takes for orders to be closed but also gives buyers or sellers unsatisfactory prices. Therefore, to give both sides the best opportunity to finish a deal and reduce trading risks, Boboo will focus on building a platform with the highest liquidity in its effort to improve user experience comprehensively.

4. Provide Supreme 24/7 Services with Bank-level Security

Boboo has put security as the primacy in operations since its establishment. It adopts multiple security protections applying to the network, application, host, and data to prevent DDoS attacks, provide basic protection, effectively guard against brute force cracking. It aims to build a bank-level security protection system with high safety and performance, low latency, high availability, and expansibility to ensure users’ assets securely protected. At the same time, it provides high-quality 24/7 services which will solve users’ various problems in real-time, responding to the needs of users worldwide in a timely, rapid, and professional manner.

5. Select High-quality Assets and Mak Trading Of Major and Superior Coins in One-click

Boboo believes that blockchain will change the world and provide endless possibilities in the future, and all assets can be tokenized. Therefore, regarding serving investors as its purpose, Boboo selects high-quality assets for users at a higher level and offers risk warning while helping investors increase their wealth. At present, the platform has listed major currencies such as BTC, ETH, LTC and EOS, and high-quality currencies such as HT, OKB, FN, and VAS. BNB will also be listed soon. Please stay tuned.

6. Diversified Investment Packages: Contracts and Futures 

As a newly-listed perpetual contract exchange, Boboo has launched simulated trading for perpetual contracts (BTC as the margin). Each registered user can get 0.5 TBTC for free to try this service.

On Boboo, perpetual contracts and other investing methods employ the “security deposits+ADL (auto deleveraging)” mechanism, in which security deposits are used to cover contract losses when positions cannot be liquidated at a price. If security deposits are unable to cover the losses, Boboo will trigger the ADL mechanism to avoid more losses.

7. Make Right Investment Decisions with Smart Investment Advisor System

Boboo will also launch a Smart Investment Advisor System that leverages advanced technologies like big data and deep learning to offer users real-time comprehensive investment newsfeeds and trading guides. We collaborate with professional analysts from CoinNess to assist users with accurate portfolio management and trading, which, in turn, gives them greater returns.

While the digital financial market is maturing and trading platforms are evolving, trading remains the core of the cryptocurrency market. In the future, Boboo will always put investors in the first place, blockchain projects the second, and ourselves the last, improve technology, user experience, market depth, risk control, as well as a range of services to bring better quality products, and share value-added wealth with users.

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