Author, Professor Ivy Ge Shows Working Moms How to Reverse Engineer the Roadmap to a Happier Life

Now Moms Worldwide can make the Best Use of Their Time and Energy by Mastering “The Art of Good Enough”

San Francisco, California – January 6, 2020 – For working moms feeling depleted, anxious, and unsatisfied in the race of being the perfect mother, Dr. Ivy Ge brings a refreshing and powerful message: Reverse engineer the path to your best life by focusing on your strengths, not your weaknesses, says the author in her new book, The Art of Good Enough: The Working Mom’s Guilt-Free Guide to Thriving While Being Perfectly Imperfect.

From an aspiring actress to working for airline executives to becoming a pharmacy professor and a multigenre author, Dr. Ge has transformed her life while balancing her role as a working mother. “If you want to be happier, healthier, and get more out of life,” the author writes in her book. “Uncover your hidden strengths and use them to improve your life. It’s much more satisfying and effective to enhance your strengths than to improve your weaknesses.”

“I came across the concept of reverse engineering while working on a research project. The idea is simple: deconstruct an object to its parts in order to better understand and improve it,” the author wrote for the Working Mother magazine.

“It works like this: first, identify your goal, then list all the things that must happen before you can achieve your goal. Last, brainstorm actions you can take to get closer to each of the things on your wish list. Use the findings to draw up the roadmap to your success. Reverse engineering is powerful in the sense that you are always laser-focused on your goal and know exactly what steps to take to realize your dream,” explained Dr. Ge. “You can use this tool to overcome difficult emotions, find solutions to your dilemmas, improve your relationship, and achieve career goals.”

Perfection is like infinity; it’s a great concept but impossible to reach. Instead of reaching for the unobtainable and feeling defeated, Dr. Ge advises using your values to define what is good enough and only investing your time and energy on things important to you.

“It’s impossible to be perfect in everything, so focus your energy and time on the things you do well. I’m a terrible cook, but I taught my son how to write good essays. Know what you are good at, and how to enhance your strengths for a better life. Be proud of who you are, because you’re good enough in the things matter the most to you,” said Dr. Ge on an interview with a popular parenting site Parentology

Media mogul and entrepreneur, New York Times bestselling author of Self Made, Nely Galán endorsed this mindset, “Being good enough is everything in our journeys as mothers. Dr. Ge shows us how we can all do it!”   

“When my son was little, I struggled with motherhood, working while attending graduate school for a career change,” added Dr. Ge. “It took me a decade to review books and scientific studies to find the mind and body transformation methods that work for working moms with little time and resources. To help women get most out of the book, I also designed a companion journal filled with decision-making tools, self-analysis and monitoring worksheets, goal trackers, and planners to keep you on track.”

Christiane Northrup, M.D., the world’s leading authority in women’s health and wellness, and author of multiple New York Times bestsellers wrote this about the book, “The Art of Good Enough is the medicine that all mothers (and frankly, all women) really need! It is precise, succinct, fun, and right on the mark!”

The Art of Good Enough also received the five-star seal on Readers’ Favorite: “It’s unlike any other guide I have ever read because it deals with the negative emotions every working mother can relate to. As you work through the exercises in this book, you gain insights that will give your mind and body a complete overhaul so you can become the best version of yourself and begin the journey towards self-acceptance and happiness.”

The book is available in digital format, paperback, and hardcover at the following retailers: AmazonBarnes & Noble, Books A Million, IndieBound, Kobo, Powell’s, and Target.

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