LegionLoc Set to Become Top Resource for Lacrosse Players in Need of Equipment

LegionLoc Set to Become Top Resource for Lacrosse Players in Need of Equipment

Newark, NJ – LegionLoc is set to become a go-to resource for lacrosse players in the market for equipment. Starting with rebounders, its “Ultimate Lacrosse Buying Guide” reviews products and provides the industry’s top recommendations.

LegionLoc began its mission of creating the ultimate buying guide in part due to its location. Based in Newark, the company is in one of the U.S.’s lacrosse hubs. The sport is popular in the U.S. but largely concentrated in the North-East and Mid-Atlantic regions.

With its buying guide, the company hopes to provide athletes with relevant, accurate advice. While it strives to help its local community, the company is also determined to expand its reach even further. It wants to spread useful lacrosse information to other areas, including those where the sport isn’t as popular to help it gain more recognition and traction.

LegionLoc’s first component of its buyer’s guide is on rebounders. Rebounders are pieces of equipment players can use to practice on their own. They feature a net that will pitch a ball back when a player throws one at it. LegionLoc notes the importance of having a good rebounder. The equipment helps players practice when they aren’t with their team and develop essential catching and throwing skills.

The author for the rebounders’ guide is a “pro player,” emphasizing the company’s focus on providing quality advice. He starts with a comprehensive chart, detailing each product’s price point and main features. Then, he goes into detail on each for readers interested in learning more. From build and dimension specifications to unique features, players get a full review of each product.

In addition to his own reviews, the author adds a general section about rebounders at the bottom. Players can use this in combination with the reviews to determine which product is best for their specific needs.

As LegionLoc continues to add to its buyer’s guide, it will enlist additional professionals to contribute reviews. The company will also focus on all of the essential equipment a player uses, including gloves, sticks, and shoulder and arm pads. In accordance with its original mission, this will allow the company to create the most comprehensive resources possible.

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