Soft and Hard Power of China’s Airport Construction is Telling the World a Renaissance Story of High-Quality Development

Beijing Daxing International Airport has got the World’s Most Influential Urban Series of Creative Painting Aircraft Fleet Conducting On-Site Flight

According to the statistics collected by JetPhotos, which is a global aircraft gallery, there is a gorgeous aircraft fleet in service that has won a number of world awards. It is the urban themed series of creative painting aircraft fleet jointly developed and designed by China United Airlines and IAIO-NARDO Aerospacece. As the soft power support of Daxing International Airport, China United Airlines is the only airline operating in Daxing International Airport before the winter and spring flight season of 2019-2020. The one-time and whole-system stationing of China United Airlines in Daxing International Airport ensures that this Chinese name card over the clouds (creative painting aircraft fleet) can extend greetings to the world in a complete way. Compared with Berlin Brandenburg Airport in Germany, which is still under construction, Beijing Daxing International Airport in China once again amazed the world with its overall hardware and software efficiency and quality.

Now the fleet is consisted of 6 in-service Chinese aircrafts including: B-5448 Anshun, B-5665 Baotou, B-5470 Rizhao, B-7561 Yixing, B-5471 Qingyang, B-1750 Lianyungang and the single-time passenger capacity of the fleet is about 1,100, the annual capacity is around 1.1 to 1.2 million, the annual audience has reached around 200 million people at different airports and currently the cumulative airport audience of the fleet has exceeded 1 billion. After its whole-system stationing in Beijing Daxing International Airport, the international passenger audience will increase from the original 5.6% to 38.9% and it will become the gateway spokesman of cities in China.

At present, the scale of this urban themed creative painting aircraft fleet is the largest in the world. Its fleet size is close to that of a small and medium-sized passenger airline and the whole fleet is very environmentally friendly. All aircrafts are sprayed with BCCC system, the carbon emission during operation is low and excellent artistic presentation can be realized. Why the same aviation-chemical flame-retardant polyurethane paint and aircraft painting hangar with unified standard will present fairly different effect? This is probably due to China’s innovation in presenting the intangible airworthiness R&D ability in a tangible way and it is the integrated embodiment of the professional abilities in artistic and creative design, research and development of seaworthiness, airworthiness regulation assessment, aviation chemical zygosity and airworthiness integration. This special aircraft fleet has been recognized by many international media as art treasure in polyurethane aircraft painting works. It is also a large international IP for various tourist destinations to compete for the sponsorship. It is reported that the fleet is still expanding in an orderly way. In order to ensure the creation quality and airworthiness requirements, many candidate cities are queuing up for evaluation and planning.

This Chinese aircraft fleet won the first place in the 2017 list of the global national impression painting aircraft and ranked the first again in the 2019 ranking list of the world’s classic aircraft, surpassing the aircraft artistic painting projects of well-known aviation companies from the UK, Germany, Singapore, etc. This also laterally shows that China’s research and development ability in various airworthiness technologies and cross-field innovative design ability are growing with a high profile.

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