Columbu CAT 2.0 Caesar Network Coming Soon

The Columbu CAT group recently officially announced that Columbu’s new high performance public link CAT 2.0 Caesar network would be launched at 20:00 PM (Singapore time) on January 10, 2020.

It is reported that the Columbu CAT group and related global community team updated the 5000+ commit code, merged more than 760 branches, covered 467 unit tests, and performed dozens of version iterations and updates. On the basis of full communication and exchange with the community development in 84 countries and regions around the world, CAT Caesar 2.0 added 231 features, conducted 300 regression tests and corresponding abnormal tests, set up performance test experiment lab, conducted strict pressure tests and flood tests in order to ensuring the safety and stability of this network.

According to their announcement, this synchronization update will launch ‘super node’ campaign, global node, digital account, block height and generation speed, DAPP development, token issuing and other functions.

CAT 2.0 Caesar network new features and improvements shown as following:

1. Increasing access rate of blocks and improving efficiency of the program for the index based storage;

2. Utilizing distributed nodes to establish storage system-like IPFS as the data root storage system of nodes, which is a permanent and decentralized method of saving and sharing files, and a distributed protocol of content addressable, versioned, point-to-point hypermedia;

3. Blockchain based distributed VPN: realizing the original anonymous P2P communication network and implementing node anonymous access method;

4. The anti-quantum attack keccak-512 hash algorithm replacing the existing SHA series algorithm to reduce the success rate of quantum attack;

5. Structured data storage: supporting decentralized content storage of common files in various formats;

6. Big data cluster analysis;

7. Quantum key distribution;

8. Cuda-based hardware accelerator for blockchain network.

Columbu project group will provide an open blockchain platform with higher performance and throughput, scalability and security. The new GCloud computing application platform features a more friendly and efficient smart contract system and more infrastructure with rich functions in order to enabling developers to build enterprise-level blocks for innovation. Through distributed algorithm and centralized algorithm, its self-learning network (long and short wave memory network) is also introduce for the first time in the industry, which can perform under 20,000 plus distributed commercial TPS and support distributed business application scenarios such as finance, supply chain, insurance, cloud computing and IOT.

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