Public chain YOTOY will be shock-released soon: making content in the digital world using Assets

It is reported that the official work of the blockchain in 2019-public chain YOTOY will be shock release soon.

YOTOY is a platform for developing, running, managing, and transferring decentralized applications and in-app assets on the blockchain ecosystem.

The platform includes (1) an application development framework that supports multiple operating systems and multiple blockchain environments, (2) fully scripted, componentized, and data-driven application development tools, and (3) a high-performance application, Improved blockchain system and related functional components based on graphene technology framework. It can support developers to program, debug and release decentralized applications and mixed architecture applications for the blockchain environment. At the same time, the platform integrates a distributed user account system based on the blockchain, a wallet, and a digital asset circulation platform, which can realize the off-chain permanent preservation and cross-chain use of in-app assets.

In view of the fact that games are among the different types of decentralized applications, one of the most mature production modes, the highest degree of commercialization, and the deepest developer and user base. The first phase of the YOTOY public chain project will focus on the research and development of blockchain games to solve the existing problems.

YOTOY is committed to providing game developers with an easy-to-use and complete blockchain game infrastructure, including a visual development kit and on-chain ecology. Low-threshold, fast and efficient completion of the development of blockchain games. Provide gamers with a fair, just, and open game environment with transparent data, transparent rules, no background manipulation prop drop rate, and maliciously induced consumption. It is hoped that gamer assets can be preserved for a long time, safely, and decentralized.

At the same time, through the digital asset economic model carried by the blockchain, it helps developers and players to achieve better consistency of interests: it not only helps developers to asset their content, so that they can use it in the process of asset use, management and circulation. Continue to gain revenue, and provide convenient and decentralized game distribution channels; also help players to transform the data and items they consume from time and energy into assets that can be safely stored and circulated, allowing players to have their management and business Right.

The YOTOY public chain project has many technical highlights, including an iterable and updateable smart contract system, a smithy mechanism, a nested combination of props, a acceptance gateway that supports multi-chain and asset riveting, an improved DPoS consensus mechanism, a visual contract editor, and high efficiency. Chain network and high-speed contract virtual machine, multi-chain connection and transaction verification mechanism to prevent BP / developers from cheating, YOTOY economy principle design, asset circulation platform supporting multiple digital asset circulation, etc.

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