Suggests Contacting a Personal Injury Attorney Las Vegas After a Distracted Driving Accident Suggests Contacting a Personal Injury Attorney Las Vegas After a Distracted Driving Accident

Distracted driving is the cause of many traffic accidents and fatalities today. Despite public awareness campaigns and various laws against texting and driving across the country, people continue to use electronic devices while they should be focusing on the road. Although parents of young drivers did not grow up with mobile phones themselves and therefore may not be able to relate to their teens’ inability to put the phone down while they’re driving, there are some things parents can do to keep their kids safe on the roads.

Focus on Safety

Teenagers tend to feel invincible and this is actually beneficial as they learn to drive. Because they don’t realize the dangers that could happen by getting behind the wheel or at least don’t imagine they will happen to them, they are easier to teach to drive than older adults. Parents who focus on safety as they provide behind-the-wheel instruction are more likely to have children who drive without a phone in their hands. Young people who know how to drive safely are less likely to need a personal injury attorney like Valiente Mott because they got into a preventable accident.

Point out the Dangers

Safety training will only get a new driver so far. Parents who want to show teens what could happen if they text and drive could direct them to The Most Notable Personal Injury And Med Mal Cases Of 2019. These are instances where distracted drivers caused serious accidents that might have been prevented if they were paying attention to traffic and not their device. Although these high profile cases might be the exception, accidents occur every day due to distraction, according to

Set Clear Expectations

It’s important for teenagers to know what their parents expect from them. There should also be consequences when they don’t follow the rules. Teens actually thrive in environments where they have clear expectations. Those who don’t have rules at home are likely to be anxious as they try to navigate life without direction. Driving rules will help parents explain to their teens when they are permitted to drive and whether they are allowed to transport their friends in the car. Parents should tell their children where to keep their phones while they are driving. While it doesn’t make sense to leave the phone at home, teens shouldn’t be tempted with easy access to their devices.

Distracted drivers often cause serious accidents that result in victims contacting attorneys. Paying attention while driving could help teens avoid others who are distracted by devices, helping them arrive at their destination safely. Parents can find more tips online or from their child’s driving instructor. Some parents have had success with safety contracts between themselves and their teenagers. Teenagers are likely to follow the rules when they are in writing and they have signed a contract acknowledging them. Parents know their teens better than anyone else and are the best people to determine when their children are ready to get behind the wheel of a vehicle.

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