Suggests Taking Las Vegas and Grand Canyon Tours Suggests Taking Las Vegas and Grand Canyon Tours

Are you thinking about a vacation? The Southwest U.S. is one of the most exciting places to travel. There’s something for everyone including nature lovers and high rollers. Do a little research to find exciting places to visit. Here are some can’t miss highlights.


There is much to see and do at the Grand Canyon. Explore Grand Canyon destinations by taking a South Rim Grand Canyon Tour. It’s easy to find lodging and food but it’s crowded. The south rim is open year-round while the north rim is closed in winter.

Elevations average 7000 feet above sea level in the south rim. Be prepared if you’re afraid of heights. The visit begins with a stop in the historic village. The first steam-powered train arrived at the south rim in 1901. The area soon grew into a village that is preserved for all to see.

The north rim opens in May each year. Many roads are blocked by snow in winter. Further, most of the north rim is 8000 feet above sea level. The north rim has one lodge and one campground so the area is not as crowded. Many visitors like to get more action by hiking 21 miles from the south rim to the north rim. Agencies like Tours4Fun provide a great way to explore the majesty of the canyon.

Catch The Wave

The sandstone rock formation, “The Wave,” is in Arizona just south of the border with Utah. Experts say The Wave was formed by wind and water erosion during the Jurassic Age. The delicate formation is situated in the Paria Canyon-Vermillion Wilderness. Interestingly, only 20 tourists are allowed in each day. Permits can be booked online for four months in advance. Likewise, guests may try and buy tickets at the Visitor’s Center. All tickets are given out by lottery. There’s a $10,000 penalty for hiking in the area without a ticket.

Sky City In New Mexico

70-acre Sky City is located in the Acoma Pueblo. According to, it’s the oldest continuously inhabited city in the U.S. The Acoma people have lived in the Pueblo for 800 years. Attractions in the area include casinos and big-game hunting. Pueblo living is common in the southwest and natives have lived this way for a thousand years. New Mexico has 23 pueblos, tribes, and nations. Tribal members that live in the Acoma Pueblo are caretakers of the San Estevan Del Ray Mission which was built in 1640.

Do Not Miss Las Vegas

Visitors can spend two days on the famous “Strip” viewing all the hotels and casinos. Don’t be surprised to see scantily clad showgirls walking nearby. It’s all part of the Vegas experience. Rent a car and drive two miles to Death Valley if gambling is not your thing. Death Valley is the largest national park in the lower-48.

There’s no doubt that the southwest is a beautiful place. Nature lovers, culture enthusiasts, and gamblers will have a great time. Many areas appear to be suspended in time. The southwest should be on your bucket list.

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