The Ongoing AI Renaissance Means Plenty of Demand for a Machine Learning Bootcamp

The Ongoing AI Renaissance Means Plenty of Demand for a Machine Learning Bootcamp

Artificial intelligence is rapidly changing the world, and machine learning deserves most of the credit. Decades ago, technologists figured that they could design systems that would be sophisticated enough to exhibit actual intelligence. What happened instead was that even the most advanced “expert systems” and the like failed to accomplish anything special or worthwhile.

All the while, proponents of a different approach were biding their time and waiting for hardware to catch up. When huge networks of powerful CPUs became widely available, creating equally large neural networks became a viable option. Machine learning has since driven a revolution in computer-based technology that will continue for a long time to come. People who become equipped to participate themselves are virtually guaranteed to have plenty of career prospects before them.

A Long-Contemplated Form of Artificial Intelligence Becomes a Reality

According to, interest in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning has never been more intense. That is truly saying something because the 1980s brought a surge in attention to AI that was absolutely unprecedented at the time. Unfortunately, the efforts of those early AI experts yielded very little, other than the realization that creating rules-based AI systems was a fool’s errand.

Even back then, though, there were visionary people who had identified the potential in a fundamentally different way of enabling AI. Instead of laying down individual rules and goals, they saw, AI creators would be better off allowing machines to learn on their own. That would take enormous amounts of processing power and memory, however, resources that were simply not available to these would-be pioneers at the time.

Since then, access to large collections of CPUs and even GPUs have become commonplace. AI systems developed by allowing neural networks to learn on their own have solved dozens of problems that were formerly considered out of reach. Despite so much progress having already been made, experts project that AI will only become even more powerful and prevalent in the future.

Opportunities Abound for Those Knowledgeable About Machine Learning

Of course, it still takes plenty of human effort to create the conditions that allow machines to learn and become intelligent. There are now many ways to become qualified to help, though, some of them particularly accessible. Learn Python for data science and machine learning for just $10, for instance, and even someone who lacks other technological expertise can end up contributing to the cause.

One great site provides a way to become even better positioned to contribute to the ongoing machine learning revolution. Over the course of six or so months, even a person who has no experience in the area can acquire all the skills and knowledge needed to train AI systems. Signing up at a place like Springboard is all that it takes to get started with a career that will certainly prove rewarding for a long time to come.

While AI once seemed like a bust, it has since become an especially powerful and promising technology. If anything is holding progress back in this area, it must be a lack of people qualified to help push things forward faster. Anyone who has the right skills will find plenty of ways to contribute and many employers looking for help.

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