How 14 African-American Women Are Changing The Landscape of Legal Representation

Los Angeles, CA – January 6, 2020 – According to a recent report from the National Association for Law Placement and a recent survey of diversity at 232 law firms by Vault and the Minority Corporate Counsel Association, women of color, black women specifically continue to be underrepresented, making up 8.57% and 1.73% of all attorneys.

Not only does this raise the question of a disconnect of diversity within the court of law, but it also means that many African Americans who find themselves in a legal bind within the justice system may lack the knowledge of resources available to them simply because they don’t have a lawyer who understands how to navigate from a cultural perspective on their behalf.

Merissa Grayson, Founder of The Collective is on a mission to change that narrative. The Collective is not just a law firm, but a full-service crisis management agency, comprised of 14 highly skilled Black women Lawyers, Experts, Change Agents, and Problem Solvers who all recognized the need for a better, more comprehensive way to serve clients.

“We were tired of seeing people who look like us being consistently misrepresented so we step up where traditional firms fall short, providing comprehensive counsel & services and ensuring our clients have a team to safeguard their interests from every angle, not just the obvious. In doing so, our clients are able to better navigate the collateral damage that often accompanies legal battles,” states Merissa Grayson.

The problem with traditional law firms is that, while lawyers may care about winning your case, they don’t necessarily care about you. Meaning, your lawyer can watch your life falling down around you and not bat an eye as long as the “case” is going well. At The Collective, the client’s overall interests and well-being are prioritized with team-members identifying the need for, and offering a variety of services spanning Reputation & Crisis Management, Therapy & Personal Development, Business/ Brand Services, Media Statements, and more.

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About The Collective

The Collective offers full service Legal and Crisis Management services to African American Artists, Entertainers, Athletes, Celebrities, and others involved in high net worth or high profile cases who are sick of being underserved by traditional law firms.

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