MTCore brings a green and innovative solution to the crypto market problems

MTCore brings a green and innovative solution to the crypto market problems

The independent production, or ‘mining’, practices of cryptocurrencies are done using energy-consuming specialized computer hardware and can take place in any geographic location. Large-scale operations, called mining camps, are now congregating around the fastest internet connections and cheapest energy sources — regardless of whether the energy is green or not.

Although relatively limited in overall use currently, there are cryptocurrencies with alternative production schemes that require significantly less energy use. The researchers hope by publicizing the health and climate impacts of such schemes, they will encourage alternative methods of mining.

MTCore brings the solution to solve crypto market problems, an extremely bulky market, but shrouded in a haze of bad practices. This project is born from the experience of more than 10 years of software development for the financial and trading market.

MTCore brings vital solutions to the crypto market to smooth its operation and continuity. We sell technology for the crypto market, accessible to all users. MTcore intends to benefit from decentralized technology while maintaining centralized value by solving crypto market problems. We bring the possibility of participating in a movement that until now was only accessible to millionaires.

Where we came from and where we are going:

2010 – Company Foundation

2012 – Software for financial sector

2012 – Software to Forex Trading

2019 – Bideration Software

2019 – Desenvolvimento de criptomoeda

The Bideration

MTCore is introducing the Bideration process to replace the current mining model. In the Bideration process, we replace hardware by software and energy by BIDs. In this way, we present an ecological and sustainable alternative that will revolutionize the market.

The concept of Bideration is a process accessible to all that consists of the acquisition of MTCore through an innovative algorithm. The MTCore distribution and acquisition process is done through software available in the MTCore wallet and BIDs that will give access to the coins. The bideration process is based on the distribution and attribution of value to the currency. The sale of BIDs contributes 80% to the countervalue of the currency.

The focus is to replace:

  • The unsustainable by sustainable

  •  Speculation by the real economy

  •  The investment asset by utility

  •  Manipulation for democracy

  •  The Lobbies for Equality

Usefulness and benefits of

  • Simple and safe system for the user

  • Innovative system with high technology

  • Free Transactions

  • Advantages and discounts of MTCore holders

MTcore Advantages: 

  • Decentralization 

  • Sustainability 

  • Safety 

  • Real Countervalue in EUR and USD 

  • Disruptive

  • Sustained 

  • Valorization 

  • Real Economy 

  • First line Banks 

  • External audits 

  • Democratized system

Shark Club

MTCore created the Shark Club to benefit the first partners who acquire our bideration technology. The Shark Club is a MTCore member, that receives 25% of the profits from the sale of the BIDs.

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