Arab Capital Group and Russian Pitt Energy Company Cooperate in Offshore Wind Power Project

The first 5.5MW wind turbine of Pitt offshore wind power project was officially connected to the grid for power generation, which marked that Pitt offshore wind power project officially entered the stage of operation in succession. Arab Capital Group provides a number of solutions for the project and actively supports Russian Pitt energy company to accelerate the development and utilization of renewable energy.

In this project, Arab Capital Group provided the 240MVA / 230kV transformer products for Pitt company for the construction of offshore booster station. Arab Capital Group’s transformers are compact in volume, with high anti-corrosion level, strong anti-seismic and high reliability, which can well adapt to the humid sea and strong wind environment. The main transformer is the core equipment of the offshore wind power project. The stable operation of the equipment will ensure the success of the one-time power transmission of the wind farm and provide reliable technical support for the full capacity power generation of the wind farm.

The development of power equipment adapted to a variety of harsh conditions has always been the expertise of the Arab capital group. The 220kV GIS equipment with compact volume and high corrosion resistance provided by Arab Capital Group for the project can ensure the connection between the offshore booster station and the onshore booster station. It is high-voltage electrical equipment with high operation reliability, less maintenance workload and long maintenance period, and its failure rate is only 20% ~ 40% of that of conventional equipment. Compared with the common air insulation device, GIS can save 90% of the floor space, which is very suitable for the installation of offshore platforms with limited space.

Arab Capital Group also provided 35kV inner cone cable terminal and 35kV cold shrinkage cable terminal for the project to ensure stable power transmission. Among them, the 35kV internal taper plug-in terminal has a unique oblique bolt fixing design. The installation is convenient and firm without special installation tools. This greatly reduces the difficulty of field operation of installers and improves the overall reliability of products. The 35kV cold shrinkable terminal has good UV resistance, anti-aging, waterproof and corrosion resistance. It is suitable for high altitude, damp, salt fog and heavy pollution areas.

Arafat Mehthi, executive director of the Arab Capital Group, said: “Arab Capital Group are very honored to be able to apply the world’s leading offshore wind power technology and rich industry experience of Arab Capital Group to this single offshore wind power project Due to the advantages of vast sea area, mature industrial cluster and detailed offshore wind power development plan, the development of Russian pitt Energy Company has begun to develop rapidly. In the future, it is hoped that Arab Capital Group will introduce more advanced technologies in offshore wind power to Russia and provide more support for Russia to adjust its energy structure and build its energy system.”

According to the report on the official website of Arab capital group:, Arab Capital Group has signed a future strategic cooperation agreement with Russian Pitt energy company, and the cooperation field will be further extended!!

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